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Five Things I (already) Love About the iPhone 12

The speakers on the iPhone 12 are good. And better than not just the ones on the iPhone 11 but better than most even in that price segment

We are working on its review, but we have had the iPhone 12 for more than a week and there isalready a lot I like about Apple’s new “normal” iPhone. And I mean, not just the specs andperformance (like faster processors, better cameras, software, et al) which will be analysedlater), but new features on the phone. Here are five that I like in particular:

Apple iPhone 12: The compact form factor

It has the same sized display as the iPhone 11, but the iPhone 12 is actually smaller in size thanthe iPhone 11, and only a little bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro, which was the smallest phone ofthe iPhone 11 range. No, this is not a small phone by any means, but it is surprisingly compactfor its display size. And it is remarkably slim at 7.4 mm, so it does make it very hand-friendly fora phone with that sort of display.

Yes, the iPhone 12 mini is much smaller, but then it comeswith a much smaller display too.

The iPhone 5 design feels…feel good

Remember the iPhone 5 with its straight sides (the 4 and 4S had them as well, but the 5took them to another level)? Well, after quite a long phase of curved sides, the iPhone returns tostraight ones with the iPhone 12. And they do give the phone a very different – if familiar look.

iphone 12

Apple iPhone 12: The full HD display

The iPhone 12 gets into full HD mode and gets an OLED display, like its Pro siblings. Now, Ihad no real problems with the HD displays of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR but a higherresolution on a big display always helps as you simply get more content to see. The OLEDdisplay will also interest some folks, but do not expect crazy bright colours of a Galaxy here.This is a very controlled and very realistic display.

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A stronger frame

Right, I am going to say it out loud – the iPhone 12 is the most solid (in terms of toughness)iPhone I have held in my hands for a while. iPhones by and large have tended to be on the”delicate darling” side. This one, however, has a very strong vibe to it. Yes, it has that CeramicShield on the display, which Apple claims is the strongest glass it has used (I am not dropping itto test it), and Its IP rating has also been pushed up to IP68, which means it can be in up to sixmetres of water for up to half an hour. That’s impressive.

I know other iPhones that have had IPratings and premium materials in the past, but this one looks and feels tough! I suspect it is therather wide band of aluminium on those straight sides that has that effect.


Better sound

I cannot stress this enough – the speakers on the iPhone 12 are good. And better than not justthe ones on the iPhone 11 but better than most even in that price segment. Stereo speakers areincreasingly common now in the premium segment, but their quality is a little hit and miss. TheiPhone 12’s speakers so far have been quite superb in this regard.Right, enough for now. More later. With the review.

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