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Tinder announces new Real Time Safety features

Tinder has introduced a set of new Real time safety features such as Incognito mode, long press reporting and more.


  • Tinder has introduced new safety features
  • Tinder now allows you to browse in Incognito mode
  • Twitter also has a new feature called Long press reporting

Tinder, the popular dating is introducing new Real Time Safety features for protection against online abuse, with developments to its ‘Does This Bother You?’ and ‘Are You Sure?’ features – widening its categorisation of hate speech, sexual exploitation and harassment. Additionally, Tinder is giving its members more control in-app with the introduction of ‘Incognito Mode’ and ‘Block Profile’ as well as upgrades to member reporting.

The ‘Does this bother you?’ and ‘Are you sure?’ features are being updated to include more language that Tinder classifies as harmful or inappropriate, such as terms related to hate speech, sexual exploitation or harassment which are against its Community Guidelines.

As part of Tinder’s continual effort to lead the dating industry in safety product innovation, Tinder is releasing new features that add to the ways members can control how they engage with others in the app:

Incognito Mode is a step up from fully hiding your profile. Members can still Like and Nope in the app, but only those whom they’ve Liked will see them in their recommendations. With this, you can take complete control over who sees you while scrolling through profiles on Tinder.

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Then there’s a new Block Profile feature which is an important step to give members the option to choose who they want to see on Tinder. Now, when profiles are suggested, before matching, members can block them so they don’t show up again.

Lastly, there’s a new feature called Long press reporting where it lets people tap and hold offensive messages, launching the reporting flow directly in the chat experience. “By simplifying this flow, Tinder hopes more members will report bad behavior, allowing it to take appropriate action against accounts that violate the Community Guidelines and terms of use”, said the company.

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