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Samsung Galaxy AI to Make S24 Series Smarter: What To Expect?

Samsung Galaxy AI is coming later this month with the Galaxy S24 series and here’s what all you can expect from it.

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, is gearing up to launch its next flagship devices, the Galaxy S24 series, later this month. But unlike previous generations, the Galaxy S24 phones may not focus on hardware upgrades such as cameras, screens, and performance. Instead, the main attraction could be the software features powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and Galaxy could be at the forefront, driving all those features.

What is Galaxy AI?

Back in November last year, Samsung teased Galaxy AI and described as a universal intelligence on your phone. “Designed to empower everyone, everywhere, Galaxy AI is universal intelligence on your phone as you’ve never seen it before. In all the places it matters most — from barrier-free communication to simplified productivity to unconstrained creativity — we’re unleashing new possibilities”, said Samsung in a blog post.

Samsung’s Galaxy AI is basically a comprehensive mobile AI experience, which will leverage both on-device AI developed at Samsung and cloud-based AI enabled by the brand’s open collaborations with industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, etc. “It will transform your everyday mobile experience with the peace of mind you count on from Galaxy security and privacy”, claims Samsung.

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What To Expect From Galaxy AI?

Samsung’s Galaxy AI will power a bunch of artificial intelligence-based features on the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. According to leaked and confirmed information both, here’s what you can expect from Galaxy AI:

1. Live Translation in Calls: AI Live Translate Call is a feature that will use on-device AI. It will soon give users with the latest Galaxy AI phone a personal translator whenever needed. Because it’s integrated into the native call feature, the hassle of using third-party apps is gone. Audio and text translations will appear in real-time as you speak, making calling someone who speaks another language about as simple as turning on closed captions when you stream a show.

2. Enhanced Zoom: The Galaxy AI will also allow enhanced camera capabilities for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung will use a mixture of AI and sensor crop to enable superior zooming in photos and videos, even under low lighting conditions or nighttime when most other cameras struggle to click a clearer photo.

3. AI Wallpapers: Galaxy AI will also power dynamic wallpapers for lock and home screens. It may allow the handsets to create wallpapers based on the user’s prompts to the Generative AI. This will create endless possibilities for the creation of new wallpapers on the smartphone itself.

4. New Photo Editing Tools: One will also witness the power of AI in the Samsung Gallery app, where the brand will integrate new features. It will allow the device to create parts of the image that never existed, relocate objects in an image to another image by dragging and dropping, allow the user to erase subjects in a video, and more.

5. Ability to choose LLMs: LLM stands for Large Language Model, and Samsung will allow users to choose the LLM they want, such as ChatGPT, Google Bard or more. It would allow the user to chat to their preferred AI chatbot, in turn allowing for more choice.

6. Automatic Formatting in Samsung Notes: By using AI, Samsung Notes will include a function to condense lengthy notes into user-friendly bullet points and automatically format handwritten notes once transformed into text.

Galaxy AI: Will it come to older Samsung flagships?

Samsung has not disclosed any other details about Galaxy AI, such as what other features it will offer, how it will work with other Samsung apps, and whether it will be compatible with older Galaxy devices.

So these are some of the features that are expected to make their debut with the Galaxy S24 series, making the most out of AI. Out of these, Super Zoom and the Live Translation feature for calls have already been confirmed by Samsung. Whether Samsung can deliver on its promises and impress consumers remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: a new era of Galaxy AI is coming, and it could change how we use our phones forever.

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