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Roll out on target: Windows Phones

Those who are interested in knowing which Windows Phones will receive the update next would like to know it's done randomly, with absolutely no preference for carrier, model, or country.

Things are looking good for Windows Phone with the roll out of the new Mango update. Microsoft has announced the Mango update is taking place ahead of schedule and about half of the eligible handsets have already received the update so far. Since the company has achieved 50 per cent availability of the update within six days flat, there is no reason why complete release of the update should take very long.

Selected users who have Windows based smartphone will first get a notification on their phone about Mango update. Once they get the notification, they need to connect their Windows Phones with their personal computers to get the update from the Zune client on their PCs.

Before applying the update, users also need to ensure adequate power and enough free memory in their devices. As a precaution, users should get the data on the device backed up on the computer. Users would also do well get the update through wired connection rather than on WiFi. The update is also time sensitive so the phone should display correct time and date at the time of update.

The Microsoft blog post says, “Why not 100 per cent? Because we’re still collecting and analyzing installation data from our smaller operators, and need to watch it little bit longer to make sure everything is OK.”

It’s clear the company is moving cautiously on the Mango update, which is not without reason. The task of delivering software update to different handsets across different countries is hugely complicated, and the company had struggled with the release of earlier NoDo update.

Those who have experienced Mango update have posted good reviews for it, which is not surprising since the update works well even on the first generation Windows smartphones. While it is not realistic to expect Windows Phone will go on to become the top revenue generator for the Microsoft right away, but the potential is definitely there.

With and Symbian already on their way out, Windows Phone is the only viable option for the independent device manufacturers, since the Motorola acquisition for Google has planted a seed of doubt in the minds of these manufacturers. Even Gartner and IDC estimates suggest the Windows Phone will manage to beat Apple’s by 2015.

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