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Realme XT Android 10 Update: Best Features you should know

Let's talk about the new interesting features of the update.

Realme XT recently received Realme UI with Android 10 update in India. With this, Realme is ditching Oppo’s ColorOS for its own custom user interface. The update brings a host of improved features like a new design, an optimised sidebar, new charging animation, optimised screenshot feature, navigation gestures 3.0, a new focus mode, and much more. If you are a Realme XT owner, you should know the new features to make the maximum use of your smartphone. Let’s talk about the new interesting features of the update.

Look and Feel

The first notable thing which you will see after the update is the visuals department with the new realme UI. It will give you a new experience as it now delivers attractive visuals. The UI layout looks a lot like stock Android here. The entire UI now looks much more smoother. Firstly, the animations are faster. The icons have changed as well. For example, settings icons have changed. The basic apps from Realme have also got new icons.

The app icon themselves are bigger now and the new layout makes it much easier on the eyes than before. The icons are not squarish rather they are circular now. The company has also allowed users to design the icons according to one’s need. One can change the shape and size of the icons along with the internal graphic size of the size. It can be changed to square or round, large or small.

Screen-Off Display

Realme has now added Screen-Off Display also known as Always On Display. With Screen-Off Display feature, it offers many dynamic Digital as well as Analogue clock styles so you can customize based on your mood. You can write your personalize text and it will be shown on the lock screen.

Realme XT Android 10 Update

Navigation gestures

The new update also brings Android 10 navigation gestures, which will also work in landscape mode. There are navigation buttons in settings in which you can swipe gestures from both sides. You can swipe inward from the bottom left or the bottom right of the screen to go back.

Realme XT Android 10 Update

To go back to the home screen, you can swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen. To view recent tasks, swipe upward from the bottom of the screen and then hold. To switch to recent app, swipe left or right along the bottom edge of the screen. If you don’t want to go with these navigation buttons, then you can switch back to Virtual buttons.

Three Finger Screen Shots

The update comes with a new 3-finger screenshot where users only need to touch and hold the screen with three fingers for a few seconds and then swipe down to select a specific area. To do this, you can simply tap and hold three fingers on the screen after which you will see a selection box appear.

Realme XT Android 10 Update

You have to drag this selection box over the area of the screen you want to capture. For capturing a long page screenshot, you can take a screenshot and drag it up. It will start taking up a screenshot. You just have to keep it pulling up to capture the area.

Focus Mode and Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing feature shows your smartphone usage pattern, frequently used apps, set timer for apps, etc. The update also brings another feature called Focus Mode. It helps you disconnect from all the distracting apps and lets you concentrate more on your work. If you are reading or working and don’t want any disturbance from a particular application, you can turn on the Focus Mode. You can click on turn off mode in the distracting apps in Focus Mode. Once you have turned off any particular app, you cant open that app until you turn it on yourself. You can also adjust the amount of time you want Focus Mode to be on for.

Charging Animation

Charging Animation has also been changed on the Realme XT after applying the update. The update also brings a pause feature for screen recording so you don’t have to stop your screen record if you need to take a call or check your messages. You can simply pause the screen recording and resume it once you’re done.

Realme XT Android 10 Update

Live Wallpapers

The update also comes a new set of wallpapers. This includes Live wallpapers as well. You can take advantage of them to make your phone look good. You can touch and hold any wallpaper to see how it changes over time.

Realme XT Android 10 Update

This changes during the time of the day, if its day, the wallpaper will become brighter. The new wallpapers are a good addition to the set of wallpapers which are present already.


With the update, the camera UI now looks a bit different and it has changed the entire look. It now comes with a dedicated 64MP camera button which is now present in the bottom bar itself. Now you don’t have to go deeper into the settings and change it. This new UI just makes it a lot more visible and easier to access.

Realme Share

With this, the ability to share files, documents, images, music with other brands as well like OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi devices has become a reality. You have to turn on Bluetooth to share a file via Realme Share. Earlier, it was limited to Realme devices only. But now you can share using Oppo Share, Mi Share and Vivo Share on the respective devices. This does make sharing files between smartphones a lot easier.

Dark Mode

Another feature of realme UI is a full system-wide dark mode with deep black not grayish tone. You can enable the dark mode from quick toggle in the notification center or from the Display & Brightness settings in Settings App. Enabling the dark mode will quickly set the whole user interface, system apps in Black. here’s also an option to force dark mode for third-party apps.

Realme XT Android 10 Update

Dual Mode Music Share

Dual Mode Music Share option is now available in realme Lab. Dual earphones feature lets you use your Wireless and Wired earphone at the same time. While listening to music or watching video content if you want to share the audio with your friend via wired or wireless earphone depending on what you’re using without buying any separate 3.5mm adapter. Also, you can attend the call via any of those earphone and simultaneously listen to the audio in the second earphone.

Smart Slide bar

There is Smart Slide bar which is present on the right side of the display. If u swipe that area, you will see a list of shortcuts which includes screenshot, screen recording, messages, file manager and calculator. You can also edit this list to select any application of your choice. The company has added split-screen support to more apps so you can multi-task. Suppose if you are in settings and want to open calculator in between, you can open slide bar and drag calculator out of it and it would open in split-screen.


There is also a Random MAC Address Generator which protects you from ads and attacks by generating a random MAC address when connected to a WiFi network. This is said to help avoid targeted ads and aid in privacy protection. If you select the Random MAC Address, it won’t know the usage pattern and it won’t be able to target ads for you.

Personal Information Protection

Then there is Personal Information Protection, which will provide empty information pages when the apps are requesting to access the user’s personal information. Whenever a third party app requests for personal information like your call logs, contacts, or messages, Realme UI will essentially feed it a blank page. This ensures user’s call history, contacts, messages, or schedule stay private, and prevents any realme information leakage.

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