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PlayStation games on Android

Some PlayStation 2 titles, along with some especially created games for the platform, will be available in the suite.

The PlayStation Suite software will soon be available on phones powered by Tegra2, which is a System on a Chip (SOC). The move will bring PlayStation games to Android handsets along with some specially created games for the platform. Some PlayStation 2 titles will also be available in the suite.

SOC integrates the functions of all components of a computer on a single chip.

The PlayStation Suite was first announced in Sony’s PlayStation meeting early this year.
PlayStation Suite is likely to be available on Tegra2 devices later this year. It appears that the coveted status of Xperia Play as the sole PlayStation device will not be there anymore.

It is also not clear whether the PlayStation Suite will come preinstalled or it will have to be bought from the market. There may be some hardware requirements too, but that won’t likely to stop the PlayStation enthusiasts.

Android platform has grown older and mature over the time, though not many decent gaming options were available so far, and the scene is likely to change with this announcement from NVIDIA and Sony.

The PlayStation buffs were earlier using the PlayStation emulator on Android, which was not effective most of the time.

In related news, Sony has made it clear that Kazuo Hirai will probably be the successor to the current chief executive of the company, Howard Stringer. The news is significant because Kazuo Hirai heads the PlayStation division and that is the area which the company sees as the growth area for the company. Kazuo Hirai has overseen the development of PlayStation business from the early 1990s itself.

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