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OnePlus 9 series caught cheating on benchmarks, unlisted from Geekbench

The OnePlus 9 series has been caught cheating benchmark results and as a result, it has been delisted from the Geekbench benchmarking chart.


  • OnePlus 9 series has been caught manipulating benchmarks
  • Geekbench has unlisted the OnePlus 9 series from its Benchmarking Chart

OnePlus 9 series debuted earlier this year with some top-of-the-line specifications. The flagship OnePlus 9 series has now been caught cheating on benchmark apps. The company favoured the apps which resulted in a better score for the phones but in an unfair way.

The report carried out from AnandTech states that it found multiple discrepancies in the performance of many apps. As per the report, OnePlus 9 Series has been caught cheating. OnePlus is blocking popular apps from using its fastest cores in OnePlus 9 series for better performance. As far as benchmarking apps and other unknown apps are concerned, those were able to procure full performance.

The performance results were based on multiple tests conducted. All of them resulted in slower performance in typical working scenarios including browsing and more.

Geekbench’s Reply

Following the report, Geekbench has now unlisted the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro from its Benchmark Chart. The benchmarking also conveyed that it will test other OnePlus phones as well if they are showing similar behaviour. If found that OnePlus is following the same practice with other phones as well, they will also be delisted from Geekbench’s Benchmarking Chart.

“It’s disappointing to see OnePlus handsets making performance decisions based on application identifiers rather than application behaviour. We view this as a form of benchmark manipulation. We’ve delisted the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro from our Android Benchmark chart. We will also test the other OnePlus handsets in our performance lab to see if these handsets also manipulate performance in the same way. If they do, we will delist them from the Android Benchmark chart”, said Geekbench.

There’s no official response from OnePlus yet regarding the issue. It is not surprising that OnePlus has yet again repeated the history. OnePlus has been caught manipulating benchmarks before as well.

Its sister company Realme was also found to be cheating the benchmarks with its Realme GT smartphone a while back. Realme said that the results on the app were of true nature and it is working out with Geekbench to solve the issue.

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