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It’s easy to get a private number with Cosmoscell

It's easy to get a private number with Cosmoscell

The special number bill that emerged in Turkey over the last few days continues to progress day by day. Starting with 444 phone numbers, the adventure succeeded in entering our pockets with IP phones. A new venture, Cosmoscell, offers its customers a much more affordable price and a high level of performance assurance than they normally would.
There are a lot of question in our mind;
Is the special number important ?
You can earn prestige against the customers or the customer with the initial phone numbers like area code. You will also be able to increase your service quality with power plants.

What is Virtual switchboard ?
Virtual Exchange is a set of services for solving your communication needs for personal or business purposes.The Virtual Switchboard gives you a system with new and technological features in addition to what you can do with a normal powerhouse. Thanks to the Virtual Switchboard, you have all of these advanced features as well as saving power.As your digitized telephone lines are flat-rate, you will also be inferior to low-cost calls at low cost.

Telephone; Has become an indispensable part of both individual and corporate communication. Today, intensive use of telephone communication is especially important in the business and marketing processes of companies and institutions. However, existing telephone systems, which are called classic telephone services, are both economically expensive and do not meet the needs of the times in terms of productivity.

New Generation Phone Service: Virtual Phone Systems

The most remarkable feature of the new generation telephone systems, which is developed by utilizing the possibilities of the technology, is the virtual power plant feature. Our virtual switchboard services, where you can operate your switchboards physically without needing to install a switchboard, have efficient options both in terms of economic cost and effective communication. We have many companies and institutions from accounting and law offices to call centers, which we offer according to your phone traffic.

When it comes to corporate communications and corporate telephone systems, the first thing to come to mind is the 850 number system. Today, all institutions and companies, from banks to shopping sites, marketing companies to insurance companies, prefer corporate numbers starting with 850. Thanks to the virtual communication lines we establish, you have a corporate identity regardless of the type of service you offer and the structure of the target audience you are talking about.

Another type of service provided by our company is bulk sms sending service. Institutions and companies that deal with large masses such as GSM operators, banks, shopping sites, government agencies, police, gendarmerie; Information, and announcements through bulk sms systems. Bulk text messaging systems that allow you to send as many sms as you like with easy-to-use software; Saves two-thirds of savings compared to normal sms cost.

As Cosmoscell, we provide economic solutions not only with the above mentioned services but also with our international negotiation tariffs. Our international tariffs, where we have the opportunity to negotiate with many countries of the world on an economic price list, are the first choice of internationally active companies and institutions.

If you want to meet with economical and quality communication, you should take a step into Cosmoscell world.

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