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iPod to create its own screen saver based on the surrounding

Apple has filed a patent, which talks about iPod getting the ability to create screen savers to match the surroundings using an array of sensors including camera, thermometer, microphone, and accelerometer.

The iPod Nano, which is a personal media player and a fashion statement for many, might soon see its fashion quotient go up.

According to a latest patent filed by Apple, iPod Nano will be more wearable, it could use a variety of and inputs, including a camera, microphone, and even a thermometer to obtain information about its surroundings and then create visual element matching it and display it on screen.

So, for example, your screen saver will match the jacket you are wearing, or on a cloudy day, the screen will display rain drops and so on so forth.

There is also a mention of Games as a menu option.

This application was filed in November 2009. The people behind this patent application might be thinking of giving better augmented reality options thanks to more information available to the device compared to mere camera visuals and location thanks to data.

The type of data that would come to the iPod is not clear yet. In fact, whether it will make it to production at all is also doubtful. However, these efforts would definitely help improve devices and it’s a welcome sign of things to come in the future.

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