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I Achieve What I Say: HTech CEO Madhav Sheth Responds To Critics

HTech CEO Madhav Sheth now has a reply for his critics who say that he makes forward p-looking statements for the sake of it.

After departing from Realme, Madhav Sheth took the role of CEO at HTech India and since then, the brand has slowly progressed with the launch of two smartphones, a pair of earbuds and a smartwatch as well. However, questions have been raised about Sheth’s integrity, with claims that he fails to achieve his set goals and makes forward-looking statements merely for show. Sheth now has a response for his critics.

Sheth said,” I think whatever forward-looking statements I say, other brands haven’t reached that stage to check whether I have achieved them or not.”

“I have always achieved what I say I will. Many of the competitors have always claimed that I won’t be able to achieve success with building up Honor 2.0 in India and I have proved them wrong,” Sheth added.

Sharing his view on HTech’s future plans, Sheth said, “If we are able to establish what we are currently trying to do, which is to transfer technology from outside to India in accordance with the Indian government’s rules and regulations, we’ll be setting a standard in the industry and a benchmark for our competitors to meet.”

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Speaking on rumours regarding Honor International’s unsupportive nature towards HTech India, Sheth said that the brand is continuously working to meet all the government requirements and provide an enhanced experience to Indian consumers without compromising on product quality, and it takes time.

“We are ensuring that our position in the Indian market differs from other Chinese brands, and we are actively working to avoid any compliance issues in the future. This is why several internal processes are time-consuming,” Sheth said.

Sheth also discussed how HTech has developed various touch points for consumers so they can seamlessly connect with the brand in case of any issues with their purchase. The brand is also working on expanding its portfolio in India, and Sheth says that we are about to witness at least 5 to 6 more smartphone launches before March 2025.

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