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Google at CES 2024: Nearby Share Merges with Samsung Quick Share, Fast Pair On Google TV & More

Google has made a number of new announcements at CES 2024 including Nearby Share and Quick Share merger and more.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 annual event is currently underway and multiple brands are announcing new features and technologies they are going to bring to the public in the near future. Google has also made new announcements at the event, including the merger of Nearby Share and Samsung Quick Share, Fast Pair support for Google TV, Google Chromecast functionality for more apps and devices and more.

Nearby Share Is Now Quick Share

As reported before, Google Nearby Share quick-sharing service is now merging with Samsung Quick Share. Both the services serve the same purpose, with Quick Share being limited to Samsung devices only and Nearby Share being available on all devices. “Collaborating with Samsung, we’re bringing the best of our sharing solutions together into a singular cross-Android solution under the Quick Share name. We’ve integrated the experiences and created the best default, built-in option for peer-to-peer content sharing across all types of devices in the Android and Chromebook ecosystems”, said Google.

Google says it is also working with leading PC manufacturers like LG to expand Quick Share to Windows PCs as a pre-installed app. Now, when you’ll click on the new Quick Share icon, you can see a list of available devices close by. You remain in control of your privacy, and can choose in your phone’s settings who can discover your device and send files, whether it’s everyone, only your contacts or just your own devices. Quick Share will start rolling out to current Nearby Share enabled devices next month.

Google Fast Pair Comes To Google TV

Google Fast Pair is the company’s own connectivity standard. As a result, Fast Pair eligible devices are recognised instantly on Android smartphones, tablets as soon as you power them on. Now, the same functionality is being expanded to Chromecast with Google TV next month. It will be expanding to more Google TV devices later this year.

After putting your accessory in pairing mode, it’s just a tap to connect your compatible headphones or speakers. And with audio output controls, you can easily switch back to your default TV audio at any time.

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Google Chromecast Support For More Apps & Devices

Soon, chromecast support is arriving for TikTok so users will be able to cast Live videos from the to the big screen. In addition, more devices will be launching with Chromecast built-in, such as the 2024 LG TV series. And later this year, the Chromecast built-in functionality will be available in LG Hospitality and Healthcare. This will help users watch shows and movies on the TVs in hotels and hospitals without having to log into each app and having to remember to log out.

In addition, a new casting feature will also rollout later this year that will allow you to move what’s playing on Spotify and YouTube Music from your compatible phone to your docked Pixel Tablet when the device is close by.

Better Support For Matter Devices

In the future, LG TVs and select Google TV and other Android TV OS devices will act as hubs for Google Home. So if a user has a Nest Hub, Nest Mini or compatible TV, they’ll be easily able to add Matter devices to their home network and locally control them with the Google Home app.

Enhanced Android Auto Integration in EVs

Finally, Android Auto is gaining a couple of new features specifically for EVs. Coming first to the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning in the coming months, electric vehicles compatible with Android Auto can share real-time battery information with Google Maps. It will provide the battery’s estimated level upon arrival at the user’s destination, suggesting charging stops along the way and even estimating how long charging will take based on your vehicle.

Further, Google built-in service will also be launching soon across top car brands like Nissan, Lincoln and more. Alongside, the above to send trips that you’ve planned on your phone directly to Google Maps on your car display is now also rolling out. When you’re parked, you can also make the most of your time with new apps on Google Play that are optimised for use in cars so you can safely browse content on and watch shows from PBS KIDS and Crunchyroll.

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