Garena Fire Free latest update brings Clash Squad, anti-hack measures and more

By: Rohan Pal, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : June 02, 2020 2:08 pm

The company has added new weapons, anti-hack measures and more.

Garena Fire Free has started rolling out a new update to its players that brings a host of interesting features. The company has added new weapons, anti-hack measures and more. 


The company has revealed that it is implementing anti-hack measures for its battle royale game. This will ensure that no players are getting an edge by using third-party programmes to assist them. “When players are banned from using unofficial third-party programs, we will not lift those bans under any circumstances, any time,” the company said. 


The company has introduced Hitmarkers and the company has increased the size and adjusted the colour of the hit markers in the patch. The company has also increased bleeding damage of the VSS and added an advanced attachment of Kar98k and removed the 150HP/EP limit for the inhaler. 



The update also brings new weapons as well. To start with, the company has added M82B, which is a new sniper rifle with ballistic tips to reduce the power of gloo walls. The company said that the weapon is as strong as the AWM. The company has also increased damage, rate of fire and armour penetration. The new update brings active skill exchange through which players can now equip other character’s active skills as long as no other active skills. It also brings new character Wolfrahh along with a new pet including Falco.


Other optimisations include optimised UI for in-game mailbox along with added special facial expressions for Kelly ‘The Swift’. In close compote, HP regeneration from EP will increase and it also optimises emote equipping mechanism and more.


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