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Convert your smartphone into walkie talkie

Send voice messages to your buddies through Android app HeyTell. They can listen to the messages at a convenient time.

We all have grown up fantasising about the walkie talkie conversations in the detective movies and novels. Even mobile phones were not present then but now the things have changed as we have an for that.

The name of the app is HeyTell, which does everything you wished you could do with the walkie talkie. If you are thinking whether the app is useful or not, the app has already garnered more than three million users.

The simple concept of HeyTell is, if the other user also uses the same app, you can send them a short voice message.

The HeyTell team has given this app an interesting tag line – “Push-to-talk, starting at $0.” Developed by Steven Hugg and Jen Harvey, the husband wife duo, the app has already become quite a hit among the users.

The service is free, but there are other in-app services such as adding voice effects and send the same message to several friends at the same time, which bring revenue to the company.

The other question going in your mind might be, how did they succeed? It happened through word of mouth, no money spent on marketing.

The husband wife duo just kept sending to their friends to check the service out, and the app just kept spreading. HeyTell has been generating revenue from the day one, both through in app sales, and through advertising. HeyTell, the app works for both and devices.

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