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Apple proposes a new SIM size

With the plans to make even smaller and sleeker devices Apple proposes SIM smaller than that of a micro SIM.

As if the micro (Subscriber Identity Module) was not small enough, Apple has now proposed to make another deduction to the size of the card. With the present Micro SIM being used by most newer Apple devices like the iPhone 4 and the iPad, Apple wants to shorten down things further and proposes it to be the new standard when comes to global telecom industry.

The proposed SIM size, which is smaller than the Micro SIM, might result in the manufacturing of slimmer devices.

The decision on standardisation of SIM cards is pending with the European Telecoms Standards Body (ETSI), which has confirmed Apple’s request.

“This process may take some time, up to a year or more, if there is strong disagreement between industry players. However, when there is broad consensus among the companies participating in the standards committee, the process can be accelerated to a number of months,” Reuters has quoted an ETSI spokesperson as saying.

Present day Micro SIM cards are still compatible with older mobile phone with the help of adapters but the scenario might change if the new standard is adopted. Also, developers might be reluctant to migrate to a whole new standard, which could prove to be very expensive for them.

Will the device manufacturers around the words agree to Apple’s thinking or will Apple again go it alone if they won’t, remains to be seen.

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