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Amazing ways to destroy your mobile phone

Interesting videos of people using different techniques to destroy their cell phones.

In our daily life, we come across people who in a fit of anger throw object like cups, pen, and clothes here and there to cool their tempers. But there are another bunch of people who are not angry over something but they are just unsatisfied with their mobiles and want put it to sleep.
Amazing ways to destroy your mobile phone
Here is a collection of such videos where people are murdering their cell phones! Enjoy the videos but remember it is always better to recycle your old phones than to smash it.

Method 1

In this video, you will see how a mobile phone is murdered. The boy who is destroying his cell phone has used multiple techniques to achieve his goal. He has boiled is phone, exposed it to fire, crushed it under the wheels of his car, used a baseball bat and finally hammered it to death.

Method 2

In this video, a person shows how concrete slabs which used to build homes or roads can be used to murder your cell phone.

Method 3

Are you thinking of how many hammer hits would it require to break a cell phone. Think no further just watch this video.

Method 4

For long time, we people have been using hammer and screwdrivers to fix things but in this video, you will find another way of using the utility tools.

Method 5

In this video, you will see how the life of a mobile phone comes to an end using a airsoft gun!

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