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192 megapixels smartphone camera in the making

A rumour has surfaced suggesting the launch of a smartphone with a 192 MP resolution month

A rumour has surfaced suggesting the launch of a smartphone with a 192 MP resolution. The highest resolution on a smartphone is 108 and is present on the Galaxy S20 ultra and Mi 10 series. This rumour was first suggested by Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station on Weibo.

The smartphone will supposedly be launched next month. This news is in line with Snapdragon’s high-end SoCs that do support 192MP sensors, but the development of such a sensor has not been reported yet.

The tipster also mentioned the model number SM7250, which is also the model number for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 series. The 765 series do support 196MP images but only for snapshots. Features using multi-frame processing like HDR is not possible. The massive pixel count will probably also lead to an increase in the overall physical structure of the camera housing. This is a leak with no concrete proof of any such development hence must be taken with a grain of salt.

The latest trend in the smartphone industry is cramming in as many pixels as you can onto a sensor. With the count increasing from 64 to 108, this trend continues to rise. A Megapixel means one million pixels and is used to measure the number of pixels that are on a sensor. Higher megapixels don’t really convert to better image quality as the sensors ability to gather light decreases as the pixels are shrunk to make room for more leading to dimmer images in low light. Higher megapixels, however, do help in retaining details that are useful for print as well as digital zoom.

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