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How to transfer contacts from Android to Windows Phone

Just bought a new Windows Phone? Transferring contacts from Android platform to Windows Phone is incredibly easy.

Moving data between devices is always a tedious activity. Especially when transferring contacts from one smartphone platform to another. In this competitive world, thankfully there are certain basics that make complex tasks incredibly easy.

For all those who have bought or plan to buy a Windows Phone device, here is a nice way to transfer all your contacts from an Android smartphone. Simply copying the .vcf file will not work for Windows Phone for one has to convert the files to .csv format. Instead of going through that headache, we recommend a simpler method.
How to transfer contacts
This is assuming that all the contacts, emails, and calendar events have been synced to the Gmail account on the Android phone. Only then can you proceed with the following steps.

Step one
How to transfer contacts
How to transfer contacts
Scroll down and open the Settings app, and then choose the email+accounts option.

Step two
How to transfer contacts
Select the option to add a new email account.

Step three
How to transfer contacts
From the list, select Google to add your Gmail account details in the following screen.

Step four

After adding the Gmail account login details and pressing next, the phone asks you if you wish to sync only email, or email, contacts and calendar. Choose the second option.
How to transfer contacts
Now let the phone sync all your contacts to the Windows Phone contacts app. This might take some time so we recommend grabbing a cup of your favourite beverage.

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