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How to: Soft reset BlackBerry smartphone with keyboard

You can always perform a soft reset on a BlackBerry with the keyboard, without worrying about losing data.

At times some heavy and resource hungry application hangs the smartphone and makes it temporarily unusable. Sometimes the cause of a sluggish phone isn’t that easy to detect.

Usually, in these scenarios users can either do a soft reset or a hard reset. A soft reset sends the phone software to its original (start afresh) state; whereas a hard reset makes the phone go back to the factory state – as it was when you bought it.

Thankfully, RIM has worked smartly on both soft and hard reset options for BlackBerry smartphones. Hard reset involves taking out the smartphone battery for a couple of seconds and then putting it back in. This is the last resort method, when the phone becomes totally unresponsive to any key.

Soft reset for BlackBerry is quite useful to resolve any user interface sluggishness or if the interface has become slow. Reasons for such behavior vary from device to device but solutions are universal.

Here’s a simple and easy to follow guide to reset your smartphone and hopefully solve the software issues in BlackBerry devices. Note that performing a soft reset does not wipe any user data from the device. Save any open files and close them before following the steps below.


Press the alt key on the keyboard and hold it down.


Press the right shift key and hold it down.


Press the backspace/delete key while holding down the alt and right shift keys.

The BlackBerry handset will then restart.

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