How to find out the IMEI number of mobile phone

By: Samir Makwana, The Mobile Indian, Mumbai Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:39 pm

If you wish to figure out the IMEI number of your mobile phone, just follow a simple method that is universal among ALL mobile phones.
Every mobile is different when it comes to the unique identification number which is very essential for the handset makers and the telecom operators. This unique number is called the IMEI number which stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number. Every mobile phone has a unique 10 digit IMEI number which helps in distinguishing between the devices.

At times, the IMEI number is required for several reasons - getting security clearance or even simply mailing across the handset. One of the major uses of the IMEI number is to avail repairs if the handset is under warranty. Follow this simple guide to find out the IMEI number of your mobile.

Step one:
How to find out the IMEI number of mobile
Open the Dialer interface - the one in which numbers are to be entered for making a voice call.

Step two:
How to find out the IMEI number of mobile
Enter or key in *#06#

Step three:

You will be shown a ten digit IMEI number of the handset. Take a screenshot or note it down in a diary to keep it safe and handy.
How to find out the IMEI number of mobile
The IMEI number is also used to trace the location of lost or stolen handset by the network operator.

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