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Now Enjoy Blazing Fast 1GBPS Speed Over Wi-Fi With Airtel

Airtel has brought whopping speeds of up to 1GBPS to our daily lives, and not just through LAN but over Wi-Fi as well

2020 has done for broadband what the touchscreen did for smartphones. Not only has it accelerated adoption, but it has also enabled a whole new ecosystem of new offerings that leverage broadband availability to bring you a dizzying array of services.

Be it video conferencing, content streaming, data transfer, real-time collaboration, all of it is suddenly as normal as your smartphone, isn’t it? For people who have shifted to work from home mode, the impact has been even bigger, as they struggled to move from the limitations of mobile internet to the huge new requirements now.

At least one telecom operator rose to the occasion and moved to deliver reliable and blazing fast broadband connections to homes too. Airtel has brought whopping speeds of up to 1GBPS to our daily lives, and not just through LAN but over Wi-Fi as well. Whereas other internet providers have somewhat managed to provide these speeds through wired connections, with their new and advanced router, Airtel has made it possible to enjoy these speeds over Wi-Fi for the first time in India.

This category-first router in India uses Tri-Band and MU MIMO technology to deliver excellent Wi-Fi speeds to multiple devices simultaneously and at the same time maintains constant internet speed irrespective of the number of devices connected to it in a typical home environment.Thus, different family members can do various tasks like stream 4K media, browse the internet, attend online classes and play online games at the same time without any downtime. And if you are wondering just how fast 1GBPS is, let us put it this way – you can download a 4GB 4K video file or a 3GB torrent file in under 3 minutes. Gamers can download game files as large as 95GB in just 20 minutes. What a time to be alive!

Additionally, the router automatically receives firmware updates immediately after they are released.It helps in keeping the router secure and up to date.Not only that, the router has a self-diagnosis feature that checks network issues and takes the remedial steps without any manual intervention to provide seamless connectivity. Setting up the router is a cakewalk. One just needs to download the router app and fill in the network name and personal password. But don’t worry, Airtel also sends an expert for free installation at home.

And not for the best part, this router is absolutely free with Airtel’s 1GBPS internet plan. In fact, if you are already subscribed to the plan but are using an older router, Airtel will upgrade it to the new one for free as well. If that hasn’t got your excited, we don’t know what will. Check out more about the planshere.

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