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How To Choose A Secured Mobile VPN To Keep Your Internet Browsing Safe And Secure?

You can take steps to protect your Internet browsing experience and keep data safe and secure every time you log onto the Internet.

Everything you do online is being tracked. Followed. Stored. It’s a frightening idea when you stop and think about it. All of your personal online data, just out there, for anyone to see. And maybe even more frightening is your data is being sold around the globe. Your personal information, email account, Web activity, the kind of underwear you purchased off Amazon. All of it. That doesn’t need to be the case though.


You can take steps to protect your Internet browsing experience and keep every time you log onto the Internet both safe and secure. This is done using a VPN. VPN, or Virtual Private Network, will block your computer’s IP address and other personal bits of information that are connected to your computer. This way, instead of browsing the Internet with all of your information blowing in the digital wind, it will be blocked, smoothed over, and invisible to those looking to scoop up your information. It’s just as important, if not more so, to use a mobile VPN on your phone as well. Why? Because more Internet searches are now performed via your phone than a desktop. But don’t just stop and download any mobile VPN. Here’s how to choose.


It Supports Your Operating System

Most mobile VPNs out there will have an app for both iOS and Android, but it’s still something you need to check and make sure. There are a handful that are one or the other. No sense in going any further with a particular application if it won’t install onto your device.


How You’re Protected

Look over how the VPN protects you. First, will it work with any wireless Internet connection or just specific ones? There will be times where you connect to public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is great, but it also leaves you exposed, not only for your information to be swiped after visiting a website but anyone monitoring that Wi-Fi connection can take it as well. This means bank information, passwords, social log-ins, and so on. Your mobile VPN needs to protect you whenever you’re visiting websites using public Wi-Fi, and whenever using your cell phone’s data


Is It Affordable?

There are some nice VPNs out there, but some cost a pretty penny. Yes, protecting your mobile Internet is important, but it is all for not if you’re unable to afford it. On the flip side, there are free VPNs, but these don’t give you all that much protection. When you stop and think about it, how are the designers of a free VPN making money? No, it’s probably not selling your information, but there might be advertisements on the app and other ways to make money. This slows down your Internet browsing experience and it reminds you that you’re using a VPN when accessing the Internet. With an affordable VPN, such as Surfshark, which is one of the most affordable mobile VPNs out there, you can protect yourself, all without spending much money.


Unblock Streaming Platforms

This isn’t specific for security, but it is a nice viewing feature. Say you have a Netflix subscription and you’re travelling to another country. You want to watch the Netflix you pay for, but then many of your favourite programs are blocked out and not on display. Why? Because of country regulations, user agreements, licensing, and so on. With some VPNs, you’ll be able to block that out and still watch the content you’re paying for.


Give Surfshark A Try

Surfshark’s mobile VPN checks off all these boxes. But it is also a personal preference as well. You need a VPN that doesn’t get in the way of your Internet experience, all while keeping you safe. So give Surfshark a try to see if it works right for you and your mobile Internet browsing. Just click this link.

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