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AqarChain launches NFT market for its MetaVerse Aqar Land

AqarChain NFT market has been launched for its MetaVerse Aqar Land. Aqarchain has also launched staking of fractional tokens, and Land NFT’s.

AqarChain has launched the NFT market for its MetaVerse Aqar Land. Aqarchain.io whose aim is to create a decentralized ecosystem where investment in real estate is as easy as investing in shares on the stock market.

This aim is achieved by minting real estate NFT and fractionalizing it. They are the World’s First Decentralized Real Estate NFT marketplace with a MetaVerse. Aqarchain has also launched staking of fractional tokens, and Land NFT’s. Partnering with gaming applications for virtual land utility.

What is AqarChain?

AqarChain is the World’s first decentralized marketplace for Real Estate NFTS. Aqarchain platform is a real estate crowdfunding investment platform. The properties are listed in www.aqarchain.io. Every listed real estate Asset will be digitized by minting an NFT, This will further be fractionalized into fractional tokens that represent a share in the asset.

Aqarchain.io will enable investors to invest in properties in fractions like shares in a property. The buyer can own multiple shares in the same property and can also buy shares in different properties. This allows the buyer to easily sell his shares as per his liquidity requirements. There is no lockin period for buyers after the property is sold out. The investor can sell his share anytime.

Recently, India’s first fantasy crypto trading platform, Trade The Games was launched. The company claims that this Platform would enable fathomless chances to learn crypto trading while eradicating all the risks of having them invest in real cryptos.

Currently, the service is available only on websites but soon, it would also be rolled out as an app on Google Play Store and iTunes as well. Trade the Games (TTG) provide incitements to users so they can escalate their trading artifice. TTG does not only make the learning possible, but it also gives them a chance to make profits without being exposed to actual currencies.

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