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Top 5 Internet Of Thing devices to manage your pets

Internet of Things technology are giving people better ways to connect and manage their pets

Who said smart devices are made for human only! Internet Of Things(IoT) technology are giving people a better way to connect and monitor their furry friends. Here’s a list of top 5 IoT devices helpful for managing our pets.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a fitness tracking IoT device placed on a dog’s collar. It is particularly designed for dogs of all sizes. This device syncs with an app which can be run on your smartphone to keep a track on your dog’s activity, sleep and play. FitBark keeps a check on the activity 24/7, monitor a variety of health issues and accordingly sets up some health goals.

It helps you compare various health aspects, like calories burnt, sleep efficiency and health index, of your dog with other similar breed dogs. This small device allows you to stay connected and take care of your pets even when you’re not around them. It transfers data to the app installed on your smartphones. In case, your dog is sick, FitBark gives the exact details of their activity to the vet to help them get cured in a faster and better way.

FitBark is available on Amazon for around Rs 6,670.

Petcube: Remote WiFi pet camera

Top 5 IoT devices for pets

Petcube is an interactive WiFi pet camera which allows you to stay connected to your pet whenever you are away from home. Access and control the Petcube Camera via the Petcube app. You can watch all of their activities through the live feed on this app installed on your phones. It allows you talk and listen to your pet using 2-way audio. Play and exercise your pets with the interactive laser toy.

Petcube has a build-in 5mW 3R class laser, which you can use as a toy to play with your pet. Autoplay mode for the laser allows you to keep your pets away from getting bored. Through the app, you can share the photos, videos, tips and experience online with fellow pet enthusiasts. The device is easy to use and is available in both Google Play and Apple Store.

Petcube is available online for approximately Rs 15,000.


People who love their pets knows the importance of keeping them healthy. Ever thought of an alternative way to feed your pet whenever you are late home from work? Pintofeed is exactly the device you are looking for. Pintofeed is an automatic smart feeder which lets you feed your pet using a smartphone app. You can activate the feeder from anywhere using the app.

This smart device learns you pet daily eating routine, programs itself and creates a feeding schedule for your furry friend. The feeder sends a text notification to your phone, once it has finished feeding your pet. It also sends you a notification informing you of the amount ingested by your pet.

Pintofeed can be bought online for $129( approx Rs 8,385).

Whistle GSP Tracker for pets

Whistle is a GPS tracker for dogs and cats, attached to their existing collar. It is designed to keep a tab on your pet’s location and activity from an app on your phone. Whistle can give you the fastest and accurate tracking as it works on the combination of cellular and GPS technology. You can even track down your pet who might be 3,000 miles away from you.

Whistle is a reliable device with an easy to use the app, which faultlessly transfers essential data directly to your phone, whether you’re around or apart. It gives text notification whenever your pet leaves their safe place and goes too far away. The device is chargeable and can last up to 7 days. The app tells you whenever it is the time to charge.

Whistle GPS Tracker is available on various sites for around Rs 7,500.

Pebby Robotic Pet Sitter

Pebby is a smart collar and ball system through which you can monitor your pet and entertain them regardless of your location via your mobile phone. The Pebby Pack contains a PebbyBall, a PebbyKennel, a PebbyCollar and the Pebby app. PebbyBall keeps you and your pet connected whenever you’re not physically present with them. It lets you watch, interact and capture their activities in real time. It has a pet safe built-in laser which our pets can play with.

PebbyKennel is the wireless charger for the PebbyBall. Just simply place the ball near it and the auto-align function of the kennel locks it in. PebbyCollar syncs with the ball and helps you monitor the activity of your pet via the Pebby app. Pebby app can be downloaded from GooglePlay or iTunes.

Pebby Pet Sitter available online for $124 (approx Rs 8,000).

These are the best amongst the rest of IoT devices which will help your pet live a happy life and connect you with your pet whenever you’re not around.

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