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Review: Plantronics Voyager

Sense and simplicity is all you need to take control over the way you communicate.


Sound QualityExcellent connectivityLightweightBattery backup


Old DesignHeavy Price Tag

In the world of Bluetooth accessories, Plantronics like Jabra is a well known name and so far we have seen some pretty exciting products coming from this brand. This time, Plantronics has come out with a newer version of its older Voyager headset.
The new Bluetooth headset, called as Voyager Pro UC, has some elements of the older Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset.
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So let’s find out more about the Voyager Pro UC.



Voyager Pro UC, as we said earlier, brings back all the nostalgia with an improvised behind-the-ear design. This mono Bluetooth headset comes with a non-retractable but adjustable swivel boom microphone that makes conversation easier and clearer. The headset features a similar voyager-ish black and silver two tone colour finish that somehow makes the headset stand out of the crowd.
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The headset has a big lumpy portion that holds the battery and the antennas while all other electronics are hidden behind the ear, balancing the headset evenly for comfort. While looking from the front, the headset looks classy but from behind some people might take you as a hearing impaired person if you don’t have much hair to cover the Bluetooth.
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The boom is constructed of hard plastic that makes it sturdy but lightweight. The whole headset weighs just about 17 grams which when coupled with the comfy behind ear design makes it a pleasure to leave on for the whole day. The earpiece has a swivel head that makes this headset capable of being worn on both ears as well.

The connector between the earpiece and the rear part of the headset is quite made up of soft yet very strong rubber based polymer that does not pinch or even hurt the ear and adds grip to the headset as well.


The Voyager Pro UC is built with smartness all around the headset. Firstly, the smart design that is both functional as well as useful and along with that Plantronics has built some very smart features in this headset. The headset has a set of conductive sensors that makes the headset location aware, by location aware we mean it knows when the headset is on your ear and when lying anywhere in the room.
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The headset senses whether the user is wearing the headset or not and decides what to do with the call. While wearing the headset, the call will be received by the headset but if it’s off the year, the call will come on the handset. Even while playing music, it senses this and the moment it is off the ear, it automatically pauses the music and when the user wears it back the music resumes.
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If the user tries wearing the headset in the middle of the conversation then also the headset transfers the call very smoothly and users do not need to fumble around with the keys. Along with that it has the auto call disable functionality as well so if the headset is not on your ear no matter how hard you press, the call won’t be made from the Bluetooth.



The Plantronics Voyager Pro UC headset is a dual mode headset that comes with a PC/USB Bluetooth transmitter for connectivity for VOIP based communications with software’s such as Skype as well along with the normal cellphone connectivity. Whenever in use for smartphones and other devices, it makes use of the Quick Pair technology that ensures that the user does not need to provide any passwords or other inputs to connect the device to the mobile phone.
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Along with this it also features A2DP v1.2 and AVRCP1.0 profile support to communicate with your phone for multimedia playback and control. With A2DP (Advanced 2 Way Data) and AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) connectivity, the smartphone or tablet can stream music and podcasts to the headset while giving you control over the media through the call connect/disconnect key.

Along with this, the headset also has a regular micro USB port that is used to charge the device making charging headset easy.


Users have to keep the power key pressed for about two seconds to turn on the Voyager Pro UC while keeping the same button pressed for couple of more seconds initiates the pairing mode. The Voyager Pro UC comes with pairing and connectivity with two devices simultaneously, while using it with the PC counts as one.
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Connecting with PC is sweat and stress free – no keys and pins to input, just connect and forget. Place the Voyager Pro’s dongle in any available USB slot and you are done. Next all you need to do is select the device from your software to start talking. Once paired, it reconnects each time it finds the Bluetooth of that device on, without any hassles or issues. It can stay connected to two devices at a time so if you do not plan to using it with PC, disconnect the USB dongle and pair your phone or tablet with it to get hands free.



Plantronic’s Bluetooths are known for their superior quality and the Voyager Pro UC is no different. The earpiece offers great sound quality which is great at any sound level and the supplied ear gel’s make sure that there is no hindrances whatsoever in the sound reception too. While the boom microphone makes sure every word you say is transmitted clean and clear.
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The overall sound quality offered by the Voyager Pro UC is definitely good and there is no distortion even at full volume. You will love the music playback through this headset and the audio spectrum offered is quite vibrant, although not for audiophiles as it still misses out on the other side. In terms of call quality, the clarity is as good as perfect as the microphone does a good job and the integrated noise cancelling keeps the conversation clean. The receivers on the other side hear voice clean and clear.

The device makes use of additional microphones to identify and filter out noise form audio being transmitted and by noise we mean even the sound of wind as well. The combination of multiple microphones and the inbuilt sound cancelling algorithm works great on the device to reduce ambient noise to a great extent.

In terms of battery backup, the Voyager Pro UC in most certain terms just refuses to die. The company claimed six hours could never be actually consumed in average day to day usage and even with moderate music playback and heavy calling, the device managed to survive for two and a half days. Any normal user would be able to run the Bluetooth for four days easily.



With a price tag of Rs 8,000, the Voyager Pro UC surely is pricey but it’s a price that was the Voyager Pro UC launched at last year. Today users would definitely be able to get this for a bargain price we believe. All in all, quality and the functionality it offers says everything for the headset.
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Its smart, its feature rich, it has great sound and has a great battery backup too. And for those who love to flaunt, the device comes with a leather pouch and carry case as well. But seriously for stress free communications it’s a good but bit pricey offering and if you buy it you would not certainly regret that any time for sure.


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