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Review: Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220

Nokia's new Luna Bluetooth headset is light, easy to use and handy to carry around


Handy design with matte finish Quick NFC pairing Connect two phones at the same time


Odd location of the tiny multifunction key

No A2DP support

Earlier this year, Nokia had announced Luna BH-220 Bluetooth mono headset, its new Near Field Communications accessory. Of the several fancy and costly Bluetooth accessories available in the market, very few actually support Near Field Communication. Bluetooth enabled headsets basically give your hands the freedom to engage in something other than holding the phone to your ear.
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220
Nokia has been experimenting with shapes and has finalized on the colours to be used for its accessories-black, white, cyan, blue, green and fuchsia. We got our hands on the fuchsia coloured Luna Bluetooth headset. Here is our account of using Luna with two devices: Nokia 808 PureView and Samsung Nexus S.


The Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset BH-220 appears like a small donut. The hollow centre of the holder is to accommodate the headset. First thing to do is to charge the holder with the headset fixed in it. The Luna has a matte finished body, though the top is glossy.
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220
The Luna Bluetooth headset has a Reuleaux trianglular shape on its glossy back and on the other side is a tube covered rubberized ear tip. In a way, it looks like an over sized Vicks (lozenge) candy with a stick on one side. On one of the sides is a small LED indicator and close to it is a tiny multifunction button/key. The holder is semi rounded and has a reuleaux triangle shaped space to accommodate the headset.
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220
Overall, Luna Bluetooth headset with the holder feels comfortable in the hand and is pocket-friendly enough to carry around.


Luna Bluetooth headset pairs with mobile phones over Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and Near Field Communication. The base of the holder has the NFC chip and all you have to do is gently tap it at the back of your NFC phone. Do note that the headset should be out of the holder so that you can listen to the instructions for pairing the first time that you do it.

Luna Bluetooth headset has both a headset profile and a handsfree profile that let you answer and even redial the last number from the headset. If you press the multifunction key twice, it calls the last dialed number. Besides that, you can also listen to music using the headset.
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220
The multifunction key is your remote to answer, reject, redial and pair devices. The Luna comes with an Advanced Multipoint feature that enables it to connect with two Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time. For instance, if you have two phones, it will stay connected to both and get activated for the phone that is ringing. However, for the first time one has to go through the process of pairing the Luna with both devices.
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220
To begin with, switch off the Luna headset by pressing the multifunction key for five seconds and then switch it on by holding the key for five seconds again. Then pair the headset with a second phone and then switch the headset off and then on again. After that, the Luna connects to both the phones and gets automatically activated for the phone that rings first.

Apart from answering calls or listening to music, the headset also provides voice based turn-by-turn navigation from Nokia Drive. Thanks to the polycarbonate material used, the headset appears light and smooth to carry. Weighing about 5 grams, the headset is light enough to be left in the ear for an hour or two. However, we recommend taking it out every 45 minutes for better hygiene.

Run time

On a single charge, the Luna headset will let you talk for about eight hours straight. Though we managed to stretch a call for 1.5 hours, a network glitch caused the call to drop. After the said eight hours, you will have to hook the headset back to the holder and let it charge again. The standard standby time that Nokia promises is about two months, which is good enough when the headset is inside the holder.
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220
The headset charges fairly fast with the bundled charger and holder.

Summing up

Nokia Luna BH-220 Bluetooth mono headset was launched in India for Rs 4,530 and is now available for around Rs 4,000 online and offline. With a basic set of features incorporated in the multifunction key, the acquisition cost might appear high. However, those of us who do manage to go past that barrier will enjoy the freedom of using our mobiles from up to 30 feet away.
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset BH-220
Not to forget, though, that the Luna is a mono headset and not stereo so don’t expect phenomenal audio quality from it. It is purely meant for ease of use and functionality.


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