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Review: Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones are all about the luxurious design inspired from the innards of the GT Cars.


Fine tailored Ferrari styling and looksClearly meant for the Bass lovers


Overpowering Bass on mid-range.Might create a hole in the pocket

To own a Cherry Red Ferrari is every automobile lover’s dream. Talking about Ferrari mostly involves the design craftsmanship and technology inside it. So the Ferrari branded products are the spin off ideas to get along with the overall Ferrari class. Logic3 along with Ferrari has designed the Ferrari Cavallino T150 in-ear earphones for the status conscious.
Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150
Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones are all about the luxurious design inspired from the innards of the GT Cars. However, it is not easy to ignore the fact the T150 offers a built-in one button microphone. We got to try out the pair of T150 and here are our thoughts on the same.


The Logic3 made Cavallino T150 earphones clearly show the Ferrari craftsmanship. The earphone shells are made of lightweight aluminum body. Rear of the earphone shell has a finish bearing Ferrari logo. The cables are coated with woven fabric and are anti-tangle by nature.

For those who are die-hard Ferrari brand fans, these earphones would be really magnetic to them. The earphone shells have brushed aluminum casing with a glossy black plastic on top of it. To make it more aesthetically appealing, there is a textured soft leather on top of the glossy plastic. The Y joint is also strapped with the same textured soft leather.
Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150
The in-line microphone is on the right side of the cable and the strip has a brushed aluminum on top of it with a metallic button. The standard is supported with an aluminum shell.
Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150
Silicone Eartips for the earphone shells are packaged in three different sizes – small, medium and large. For safety and care, the package comes with fabric coated square-ish carry case with zipper running around it.

With perfect choice of silicone ear tips, the earphones are really comfortable to wear and enjoy. However, these are a costly pair carefully tailored for music listening. We would not advise to use these pair while working out or at gym for the premium finish offering leather might go bad. Also bad choice of eartips can make the shell hurt your ears.

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 have been designed for the amiable Ferrari range of accessories lovers.


Logic3 has packed 10 mm drivers in the earphones with the Thin Film Acoustic technology to offer better deeper bass and wider range. The first impression of the T150 pair is that it is bass driven in the mid-range. Over a period of time, one can easily figure that though the sound is balanced at the higher volumes, the bass effect is very deep and boomy.

At mid-range the Bass goes really boomy and overpowers the fine treble. Overall Bass output is very pleasing for someone who really loves Bass heavy music. One noteworthy thing of the earphones is that its noise isolation feature lets users enjoy the music more by blocking all the background noise. Choosing the triple flange eartips, one can enjoy music on specific genres.
Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150
The earphones carry the impedance of 16 ohms but it still manages to provide output that can be matched with the run of the mill earphones with 32 ohms impedance. At the highest volume, the T150 is loud enough to make your ear canals ache; we thus do not recommend try this.
Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150
Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150
Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150
Logic3 has made the T150 compatible with Google Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry mobile platform running devices. We tried using the T150 pair with all three platform based devices and found no issue using the in-line microphone. Its sound quality was clear and crisp.
Though the T150 covers frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz, the lower end sounds would fade out abruptly. Meanwhile, the user gets focused in enjoying the deeper bass and tight treble for leisure. These earphones are meant to listen music while sitting or in a stable position for the heavy shells can pop out in a moving vehicle if wrong eartip is chosen.


Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 is one of the most stylish earphones out of the other designer models. The Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones pair is available in India for a hefty Rs 12,935. Out of the box experience with the earphones is like listening through a hollow channel. However, with due time the sound continues to be better and mid-high range. In the designer headphones line-up, the T150 might easily be ranged in top three. But when compared with actual set of in-ear earphones available in the market, there are several branded models that do way better job than the T150. The Ferrari Cavallino T150 by Logic3 pair is meant those who are ardent fans of Ferrari branded products and accessories. Ideally for casual and portable music listening experience through smartphones and portable media players. Buy this only if you really have the heart to part with loads of moolah.

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