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pTron Bassbuds Vista Review

The TWS earbuds segment in India has been booming with multiple entrants from various brands. Another entrant from pTron that wants to make its mark are the Bassbuds Vista. Do they succeed?


Battery Life, Wireless Charging


Call Quality

The pTron Bassbuds Vista is the newest addition to pTron’s portfolio of audio products. They are currently available for Rs 1299 on Amazon India and as per on-paper specifications, the TWS earbuds by pTron seem to be a decent option for their price. But we are here to go beyond the on-paper specs and go in-depth with the pTron Bassbuds Vista. Let’s have a look.

Design & Build Quality

Within the box, you get the case, earbuds of course, a wireless charger, a micro-USB charging cable along a pair of extra ear tips. The wireless charger is also made of plastic and has a micro USB port so you can connect the cable that came with it. You can charge the case independently with the same micro USB cable if you don’t have access to the wireless charger as the case also comes with a charging port which is a nice addition.

PTron Bassbuds vista

The pTron Bassbuds Vista comes in a cubical charging case that is made of plastic and has a Matte Finish to it. Infact, from the wireless charger to the earbuds itself, everything here is made of plastic and at this price, I expect nothing more. The case shuts with a click to help you know it’s locked but the part that opens, seems to be a bit delicate and flimsy so you’ll have to handle it with care otherwise it might even break. There are 4 lights on the front that act as a charging indicator and will tell you the charge level of the case as well.

Bassbuds Vista

Coming to the earbuds themselves, we have seen this type of AirPods-like design in a dozen more earbuds and there’s nothing unique here. The Matte black finish looks good when you wear the earbuds. There’s a button on each earbud to help you control the tracks so you can play, pause, forward or move to a previous song. There’s also a light indicator to help you know they are in pairing mode.

The earbuds felt light and comfortable to wear without any issues. They fit snug into my ear with the ear tips they came with and didn’t fall out even while I ran or shook my head aggressively. The buttons on each earbud were however a bit difficult to click while in-ear and I often had to take them out and then click the button.

Bassbuds Vista charging pad

Bassbuds Vista charging pad

The wireless charger does what it says and starts charging the case as soon as you put the case on it. It is exactly big enough for the case so you won’t have to adjust the position to make it charge. At this price, the build quality seems to be average and feels a bit cheap when you hold either the case or even the earbuds.

Audio Quality

The earbuds are fitted with a 10mm dynamic driver for audio performance. The audio from these earbuds was okay. For the price, I would say it was average and you cannot expect a heavy amount of bass from this one. The bass is on the lighter side while the highs and mids are on par. Whatever song I played, the lyrics were crisp to hear but the bass was just disappointing to my liking.

Bassbuds Vista

Things that were a big disappointment include call quality and connectivity. Surprisingly, the latter shouldn’t have been a bummer especially for TWS earbuds whose main function is to connect wirelessly. Even though the earbuds feature BT 5.1 and come with a claimed Bluetooth range of 10 meters/30feet, the music I was listening to, started cracking with a lot of disturbance while I put my Galaxy A52 in my Jeans pocket.

Bassbuds Vista case

As soon as I took the phone out, the sound was fine. To test if this was an issue with the phone, I tested it with multiple other TWS as well as neckband style earphones and I didn’t face any type of issue. But it was persistent with the Bassbuds Vista.

The call quality too was bad while the other person kept on complaining of the background noise they could hear instead of me talking. However, they sounded fine to me but that wasn’t the case another way round.


The Bassbuds Vista by pTron come with a claimed battery life of upto 4 hours on a single charge and this was exactly what I got. The battery life was the only thing I liked the most about these earbuds. The case when put on the wireless charger takes approximately 1 hour to charge from 0 to 100% which is also identical to the claimed charging time.

However, the wireless charging pad as well as the rear side of the case got extremely hot while charging and might create issues in the future.


The Bassbuds Vista by pTron looks like an ambitious start towards bringing innovation in the TWS segment by bringing a wireless charger to the scene

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