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Mivi Octave 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Best at its price?

Just another bluetooth speaker or the best in the range?


Build, Battery Life, Passive Radiator


Slight sound distortion

When it comes to bluetooth speakers, you get a bunch of options in the Indian market such as from boAt, Mivi, and more. Mivi, one of India’s homegrown audio brands has now come up with a new bluetooth speaker called Octave 3, that is priced at Rs 1,999. The speaker is already on sale via Mivi’s own website, Amazon and Flipkart. However, if you want to make an informed purchase, check out our review of the Mivi Octave 3 where we tell you what we liked and disliked about the bluetooth speaker.

Mivi Octave 3

The Mivi Octave 3 has a cylindrical form factor with a metal build all around. There are plastic rings on the top and bottom. The bottom ring has rubber pads so the speaker doesn’t move when it’s playing music or if someone accidentally touches it. Further, one of the most impressive design elements of the Mivi Octave 3 are the passive radiators on either side of it.

As you play a song, especially ones with a lot of bass, the passive radiators vibrate with full force to simulate the effect of a big, powerful woofer. When kept on a flat surface, it tends to vibrate the surface to some extent which elevates the overall experience. At the back, there’s a non-removable strap attached to the speaker so you can hang it on your backpack and elsewhere.

Mivi octave 3 BT speaker

You also get buttons at the rear including those for increasing or decreasing volume, play/pause and a power button. You can also long-press the volume buttons to skip a track or go back to the previous one. There’s a single LED light at the front that can turn blue to let you know the speaker is turned ON or if it’s in pairing mode. It will turn red when the battery life of the speaker is low. The speaker is water and dustproof as per Mivi and further, it comes in four colours including black, green, red and blue. Then there’s an AUX port which you can use to play the music via the speaker if the battery dies. Lastly, there’s a USB-C port which one can use for charging.

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Sound Quality, Battery Life

Coming to what a Bluetooth speaker should excel at, the audio quality. Now, the Mivi Octave 3 has a 16W sound output with omnidirectional sound. It connects to devices wirelessly using Bluetooth 5.0. As for the sound quality, during our review, the Octave 3 from Mivi sounded impressive.

It gets plenty loud and is enough for filling a room with its 360-degree sound. The lyrics are clear with decent mids. The speaker does create a good amount of bass, however, we could notice that the sound was slightly cracking. At first, I thought it could be there because of my equaliser settings but that wasn’t the case. It may not be evident but can be noticed if you observe it.

Mivi has also given a TWS feature where you can pair a second Octave 3 speaker with your existing one for a surround sound experience which is even louder and full of bass. As for battery life, Mivi claims that the speaker can easily last 8 hours on a single charge and we got around 7 to 7.5 hours of playback time with high volumes.


Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life


The Mivi Octave 3 does sport all the essentials of a bluetooth speaker and delivers on its part, be it sound quality, build or battery life.

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The Mivi Octave 3 does sport all the essentials of a bluetooth speaker and delivers on its part, be it sound quality, build or battery life.Mivi Octave 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Best at its price?