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Game Review: Roller Coaster Extreme

It thrills and entertains the players with different levels.


Better graphiocsNice musicMultiple roller ridessmooth operations


repetetive actionsLimited gameplay

Most of us, irrespective of our age, love roller coasters. So is what the game Roller Coaster Extreme tries to do, it thrills and entertains the players with different levels.

With the suburbs of New York in the background, the roller coaster goes through various twists and turns and the players’ job is to keep the coaster in speed by taking regular power ups and avoiding mistakes by simply tilting your phone left or right at the right time.

With 11 different roller coaster tracks, users are required to finish one track within a stipulated time after which only they will be allowed entry to the next level.

The graphics are quite impressive but users are advised to have a high end device to play the game. The game has a setup size of almost 11 so it is better to download it using a WiFi or a network.

The game has a unique game play and the addition of tilt to control feature adds a greater level of excitement in the users. However, the game has a slight downside also. In the game, only one person is seen sitting on the roller coaster which takes away all the realism form the game.

But ultimately the game can be enjoyed by users of all age groups and the biggest advantage is that this game is available free of cost. Users who wish to install this application can visit the Nokia OVI store of follow the following link to download.


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