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Game Review: Cartoon Wars

Its an off beat tower defense game that is hours of fun for sure.




Runs on android 2.2 and above

Today there are plenty of tower defense based games available in the Android Market. But most of them offer boring storylines in which all users need to do is to sit back and improve the defenses while villains and monsters attack the tower.

But the game, Cartoon wars, comes from a very renowned publisher – Gamevil, which is not only different but offers a much immersive game-play.

Cartoon Wars are based on the story of fight between cartoons and their other monstrous counterparts. The cartoon characters after years of slavery have decided to gather their efforts and fight against the monsters.

Users can train new fighters while protecting their castle that stands as a symbol of victory and revolt. The black and white cartoon characters defend the blue side while the monsters attack from the red side. The game is based on a simple objective and that is to beat the opponent first. The game requires both patience and strategy to generate Mana (Magical) power in the creation of troops with near great timing.

Mana power that is the life blood of this game, especially for cartoon characters, is generated by the Mana generator that is placed right behind the tower. The power is generated every second but there are times when you need more power and that is why you must upgrade the power and skills of the characters when you really need it.

Also, you can earn gold and forging stones after each battle which you can use either to upgrade or unlock new characters. However, forging stones can only be earned if the player finishes the fight in less than 10 minutes of the total 20 minutes of battle time.
Cartoon Wars has multiple characters but they can only be created by forging stones and gold and that too can only be gained after each and every successful fight.

The key to playing and keep winning this game is to constantly upgrading both the characters and their powers. Upgraded characters have more life and cause more damage to opponents.

The battle is started off with zero Mana so you need your fighters that are the initial character and also the cheapest one to train. You need to upgrade them to the max so that they can hold the ground while enough Mana is produced to create advanced units.

All in all, the game is absolute fun to play and promises hours of fun and entertainment for the users. There are no limits for the number of battles that can be fought between the cartoons and the monsters so as far as you can go you can play this game but remember the higher the lever the difficult it gets.

The graphic quality is good but the game play is what offers more entertainment.

The application is available for free and is available on the Android Market. Cartoon Wars can be downloaded on any device running Android version 2.2 and above. The game can also be downloaded using the device’s application store or by visiting the following link as well.


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