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Device Review: Seagate Go Flex Satellite

Seagate hard disc drive comes in a new avatar, one that is designed for portable entertainment.


USB 3.0Wi-FiInbuilt batteryUnique Concept


Only available in 500GB version

Seagate is one of the leaders when it comes to Hard Disc Drives (HDD) be it external USB powered ones or those inside our personal computers. You must be wondering what a Seagate product is doing in ‘The Mobile Indian’s’ review page.

Well while it is true that HDD’s are not yet a part of our mobile phones and tablets (Nokia N90 was an exception though). But today we have a USB powered HDD with us that is meant specifically for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets in the form of the Seagate Go flex Satellite.

And it’s not a simple a device that you connect through USB port, it has inbuilt WiFi hotspot feature which makes it you own personal content hub.

The device

The device is no different than any regular USB HDD, but slightly bigger and bulkier version of it. The device is without a doubt a good looking one that is sure to entice you and others who see it. The HDD comes in a single black and silver colour scheme which makes the device look good while adding the much needed class appeal to it.

The Seagate Go flex Satellite comprises of a regular 500 GB, 2.5 inch HDD encased inside a hard plastic shell that houses the WiFi unit and the battery pack. All this definitely makes it look even bulkier than a portable 2.5 inch 1 terabyte memory capacity drive.

In terms of sturdiness, the Seagate Go flex Satellite is rock solid and can withstand minor drops and falls but as the rule goes for hard disc drives, they cannot handle bigger falls and if the Seagate Go flex Satellite will fall while it is working it will surely destroy the drive. And being mobile, users will have to be a wee bit more careful while handling this device.

Last but not the least, the device utilises its own WiFi capabilities to stream data to mobile devices and tablets so you do not really need to be connected to a WiFi network for doing so. But for transferring data on to the drive it still utilises the PC connectivity

The Technology

The Seagate Go flex Satellite utilises a 500 GB, 2.5 inch HDD for storage which delivers faster access times and quicker response as well. The Seagate Go flex Satellite is based on USB 3.0 standard so it is compatible with both newer and older systems as well. The drive utilises the USB 3.0 micro B connector that is slightly bigger than the older micro USB 2.0 connector.

For connectivity to mobile devices and tablets, the Seagate Go flex Satellite utilises its own WiFi network that gives it connectivity for up to 30 feet while working with up to three devices simultaneously.

The drive has an inbuilt battery pack that powers the device for up to 5 hours of streaming time, but the time will be reduced if multiple devices are connected to the drive as the level of activity increases with it.

Along with WiFi, the Seagate Go flex Satellite utilises a special application that has been developed for both Android and iOS systems to access the data from the drive and playback the content on the mobile device or tablet. In short, the Seagate Go flex Satellite offers unique mobile entertainment solution for a bunch without all the hassles.

The Performance

True to its name, the Seagate Go flex Satellite is the best in terms of technology that one can lay his/her hands upon. The drive offers USB 3 connectivity that can theoretically offer up to 600 MB/sec data transfer speeds. We tested this drive with the Ailienware MX 11 laptop on which it offers up to 108MB / sec data transfer speeds &#151 which is quite a fast speed that enables huge chunks of data transfer easy as breeze. Loading a ton of movies and music on the drive took us about 5 minutes or so to finish.

The company claims that the Seagate Go flex Satellite can connect to up to three devices simultaneously for streaming content. We tested it on Acer Iconia A501, Apple iPad and Fly Tab simultaneously and the drive performed flawlessly without any glitch or freeze.

When the wireless activity gets to the peak the indicator on the Seagate Go flex Satellite just goes crazy while blinking as fast as the speed of streaming is.

In terms of the multimedia compatibility, the device does not have any limitation; its main function is to stream the data. Its capability is limited by the capability of the device it is streaming to and so if your tablet is capable of playing HD video, it can stream HD quality video and so on.

As far as battery backup goes, we managed to get a backup of four hours between charges that is for running the device in both single and multiple user modes. But mostly the device was run in single user mode.

The Verdict

Seagate has always been very innovative in its offering and Seagate Go flex Satellite is a unique product. The Satellite, as far as portable USB powered HDD’s go, is at the epitome of technology with USB 3.0, WiFi (B/G/N) and inbuilt battery pack. There is nothing more you can expect out of a portable HDD. In terms of the performance, it surely entices us and with its compatibility across devices – big or small. It is very useful as well.

The Seagate Go flex Satellite with a price tag of Rs 11,300 is without any doubt expensive but it does justify its price to the max with its offering and utility. It is a must have tool for people with many devices like laptop, tablet, and smartphone and maybe even a TV with WiFi. This is one device that makes your content work across the screens without wires and without much setup needed.


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