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App Review: Plug in launcher

Smart application that allows the user to choose what to do when you plug something in to your Android device.


Great customisationUsabilatyEasy to setuVery easy to use


limited actionsCrashes sometimes

When it comes to applications, has a wide and unique variety in its closet.

It has now come up with an application with which you can control the functioning of your smartphone in a smarter way.

The Plug in Launcher application remembers the usage of a particular application linked with the plugging in of a particular device or connector to the device.

For example, using this app, you can link your player or media player with the headphone. So every time you connect your jack into the device the MP3 player or the media player pops up automatically.

Plug in launcher controls the same functionality for all three connections which include USB, 3.5mm audio connector and even the charger.

User gets the full control over the selection of application which he/she wants to link with a particular action or connection.

Also user can set the application for a full auto action mode where the application associated is started or the prompt mode where the user is prompted for approval to start linked action.

This application is available free of cost on the Google Android marketplace. Users will have to see the occasional advertisements as this application does not have a paid or a ad free version.

Once the application is installed it will automatically start up with the device from the next start-up, and consumes a maximum of 10MB memory throughout.


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