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App review: My Car locator free

Now park your car and never forget where you parked it with this neat and very useful application.


Very accurateLightweight installationAll features in free versionSupports different map modesVery easy to use



With the increase in the number of vehicles there has been a scarcity of parking spaces all around. This condition is especially bad in metropolitan cities where parking lots are very few compared to the number of cars and other vehicles. You are lucky if you ever get to park your vehicle near the place you are visiting because most of the time you have to park it several blocks away. In such a scenario, we have often had to park our vehicle at some place that had similar looking parking lots, but on returning we forgot where we had parked.
My Car locator free
The central locking feature of the car helps locate the vehicle if it is close by, but if you are a couple of blocks or even some 100 meters away many locator systems do not work.
My Car locator free
But the My Car locator free application is the tool you need for such situations; it finds your vehicle through Google search. The application relies on an active GPS (Global Positioning System) location tracking system to pin point the area where you parked your vehicle and later on helps in locating it.
My Car locator free
The application requires a clear sky to access GPS location data and a connection to fetch mapping data from the Google Maps servers, which are pretty quick and accurate to the toe. Once you decide to park your vehicle at some place, like an open parking lot on XYZ street, all you need to do is let the application get a GPS fix on the location and then you hit the park key that makes the application save the GPS coordinates for the location, which is accurate to five meters of the exact spot.
My Car locator free
Following that, while locating your vehicle, all you need to do is select the Find Me key that will make the device search its present location and after that the directions key and the application will produce the shortest possible path to your vehicle.
My Car locator free
We tried the application a couple of times and were surprised with the degree of accuracy it offers, and the flexibility that comes with Google Maps as the mapping data provider. If you are near your car you can choose the satellite mode, and can even select terrestrial mode for a better look at the area where your vehicle is parked.
My Car locator free
The best part about this application is that it does not slow down your device even a bit. The application is very lightweight and it has no data stored internally on the device so no processing or loading times are required. All you need is an active GPRS connection and it will pop up within seconds on your screen. The is available in free (ad supported) and paid (ad free) versions on the Google Play Store and the difference between the two versions is about Rs 70, which is not much if you consider the utility the application is offering.
My Car locator free
Interested users can head to the Google Play Store and download this app, or use the link to do so.


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