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App Review: Musaic Box

In this, users have to bring together music outlines to play in the music box.


Looks good


Difficult to categorizeDoes not captivateDifferent elements do not gel

Musaic Box is a difficult game to categorise. It is a puzzle and at the same time it is also part adventure where users make their way through different rooms looking for clues about a musical impresario.

Users need to put some music together so they need to have a good ear for music also. Overall, the game looks like a melting pot, but users tend to think with so many disparate elements, whether it will work for the users or not.

The game itself is very immersive in nature, where users get to see several rooms with clickable items. Users have to bring together music outlines which are then played in the music box. The app also teaches users about the music; it depends on the users whether they like to know about the music or not.

Users have to move from one room to another looking for clues. When the outline has been completed, they have to go to the music box. The bones of the tune are already there, users have to piece them together to complete the picture. The tune plays through when it’s been complete by the users.

Those who like faster games may not like it, but the game is challenging and delightful. The app is available free for download in the Android Market.


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