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App Review DU battery saver for Android

Got Battery backup issues? Try this free application for a quick fix.


Simple profiles Easy navigation and use Light on resources Lightweight installation More options for rooted devices


Paid mode offers smart features

These days as devices are getting bigger the added size of the display, and the slimmer profiles as demanded by users are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on manufacturers to make interesting devices. The battery pack is the component that takes up most of the space on a device, other than the display, and it is directly related to a device’s weight as well. So to keep devices slim and lightweight designers have to cut down on battery capacity. Today we have faster processors, resource hungry apps and comparatively smaller battery packs that just cannot keep up with the never ending demand for performance.

The battery backup today has gone down drastically and some devices don’t last more than half a day. There are portable chargers or applications, however, that offer battery savings. Today we have one such application called the DU Battery Saver, a product Of 3 year old Du Apps Studio, formerly known as DianXin. This application helps users save on precious battery life while not slowing on the application’s performance as well. So let’s find out how the application is and how well it performs.

The application first off comes free to use so users can keep the application for as long as they want or can leave it at any time without feeling the pinch. The installation file is small, less than 4 MB, and hardly requires 1-2 minutes of time to download and install the application. Even while using a 2G GPRS connection it took approximately 3 minutes to finish.

The application has simple functionality that can help users save some battery life on their devices. It monitors the device and sees which features, functions and applications are causing major battery drain. Thereafter, it reports the same to the user and the user can in turn optimize the device with one touch. And without any power draining activity going on the device ends up saving considerable battery.

The application is very neatly laid out with profile options that are simple to use and select. It has preset custom profiles that can be used to set the level of battery saving that they want from this application. The option of profiles decides how aggressively the application will monitor and optimize the device for better battery savings.

General users can opt for the General or long battery saving parameters and while going to sleep just put the device on sleep profile to get maximum juice, as it turns off all the radios.

The application has a tweak mode as well but that is only available for devices with root permissions. It allows the app to slow down the processor to offer greater power savings as well.

Also included is a premium mode of the application, which obviously gives greater control and possibly timed profiles as well, but sadly the developer was unable to provide the same to us.

All in all the application offers more knowledge than actual battery savings for un-rooted device. For rooted devices options increase; but the paid mode was what we were interested in knowing more about.

The application helps save decent amounts of battery and in just a few days of use it resulted in almost 10-15 per cent savings for the device we tested it on.

The application is available for download free of cost for all Android devices running OS version 2.1 and above. Interested users can download this application directly from the Google Play Store or can also follow the link to download the app.


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