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App Review: Drive Safe.ly

A useful and free application for your Android or BlackBerry smartphone that reads out messages and emails while you drive.


FunctionalityUser interface and settingsEasy setup


Resource hungryCharacter limitationlimited usage

Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier, and most people will agree with me on this. But, have you ever felt that having a smartphone can be a bit of a problem as well? Especially while you are driving and get that important message or that email you were waiting the whole day for. Distractions like these can cause serious road safety problems.

So, should you not read that message or email? Or should someone read it out to you! Well, this is precisely what DriveSafe.ly does. It reads out messages, emails and BlackBerry Messenger messages so the user can focus on the road with his hands on the wheel and not on the phone.

DriveSafe.ly is a very simple yet useful text to speech application available for both and BlackBerry platforms. The is free and can be installed on your phone directly from the application store.

Users can enable or disable the feature, and can modify the automated response. Also available is the paid version of DriveSafe.ly, which allows users to make advanced customisations, including in speech and response control.


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