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Xiaomi MiUi 12 vs Realme Ui – How these software compare?

Both these software interface are available on Xiaomi and Realme devices.

Xiaomi has announced the MiUi 12 for its devices which will be rolling out to a slew of phones by end of June. This update has been much anticipated as the software from Xiaomi was expected to get a new set of features for better user privacy. Now that we have got all the details about the new version, let’s compare it with the Realme UI which is probably the closest competition to Xiaomi’s software in the market.

MiUi 12 vs Realme UI: Appearance of interface

The new version makes the interface a lot lighter. You get a new set of fonts, which adds a different appeal to the sleek interface of MiUi 12. Display icons of default apps also get a makeover, matching with the design profile and feel of the new interface. Realme UI was introduced by the brand with the intention to change its image from being an Oppo sub-brand. They replaced the rectangular quick setting icons with a circular layout. During our time with the Realme UI, we found it responsive but at the same time, it’s appealing to the eye.

MiUi 12 vs Realme UI: Dark mode for all apps

As expected, MiUi 12 not only offers native support for dark mode but also enables the theme for other third-party apps which are yet to include the option. Realme UI also gets native support for dark mode, and just like MiUi 12 it lets you switch the theme for other apps.

MiUi 12 vs Realme UI: App drawer is here

With the MiUi 12, app drawer makes its debut on Xiaomi phones. People will now be able to swipe from the bottom of the display and view all the apps installed on their device. This app drawer feature can be disabled for regular MiUi option from settings. Realme UI also makes sure you can swipe up and access the apps residing on the phone. These are small elements that suggest both Xiaomi and Realme are edging closer to the look and feel of stock Android.

MiUi 12 vs Realme UI: Wears Android 10 on its sleeve

With Android 10 as the base for MiUi 12, users will get wholesale features from the version which we’ve already seen on most devices. Dark mode, Digital Wellbeing, app drawer (as we’ve mentioned above), smart replyand interface of the stock camera are some of the elements which have been kept unchanged. Realme Ui adopts the same philosophy.

MiUi 12 vs Realme Ui: Focus on user privacy

With MiUi 12, users can limit access to device location for apps that really need it. It will alert users every time an app is trying to use a camera or microphone without their permission. More importantly, it will maintain a log of all the features accessed by various apps.This is part of thePermission notification feature. In addition to this, users can also share photos with different apps without adding their location. And with selective control, users can decide if an app really needs to use your phone’s location/camera or microphone.

Realme Ui also offers improved security features. It has thePersonal Information Protection’ feature which can be used to block apps from taking personal information. This feature also helps you to encrypt call history, contacts and messages.


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