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Windows Phone to have major updates annually

The news about WP's update schedule is not unexpected. Microsoft had earlier avoided confirming dates, but did speak of regular updates.

Microsoft is planning to issue one major update for the Windows Phone operating system every year, a job posting on the company’s website suggested.

“This senior program manager position will be the [one] that drives all development work on the application platform for update releases between major yearly releases,” the job posting on Microsoft’s website, which was first noticed by MobileTechWorld, read.

It’s not that the news about the update schedule is completely unexpected, but the confirmation for it has come for the first time. The company had deliberately avoided confirming the update schedule, as it routinely said there would be regular updates but did not specify what it meant by the word ‘regular’.

Windows Phone has seen three updates in the eight months of its life. One was a pre-NODO update which was followed by the actual NODO update that provided copy and paste functionality on phones, and then the third one was just a security fix.

In many areas, Windows Phone is lagging behind and &#151 especially in regular updates &#151 and users would feel calmer after this confirmation.

Apple’s iOS also follows a similar update schedule, with a notable difference &#151 in between the major annual update, it comes up with numerous minor updates which add several useful functionalities to their phones.

Android, on the other hand, comes out with one major release every six to nine months. The only thing Microsoft probably needs to work on is the number of minor updates for Windows Phone 7.

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