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Will launch 4G smartphones in India after roll out of services: ZTE

By: Anil Satapathy, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:39 pm

Many operators are set to launch their 4G network in India very soon.
Chinese handset giant, ZTE has a range of TD-LTE (4G) enabled smartphones and will launch the same in India as soon as the telecom operators roll out the same in the country, a top executive officer of the company told exclusively to The Mobile Indian.

Apart from Videocon, which has FD-LTE (a version of 4G technology) license, all other operators have got license to roll out TD-LTE version of 4G technology. However, there have been a lot of doubts over the availability of TD-LTE devices as in most countries across the world, except some Asian countries including China, all other countries have opted FD-LTE version of 4G. This is the reason why most manufacturers usually bring their 3G version of their handsets to India (ex: Samsung launched the 3G version of Galaxy Note 3 in India).
Will launch 4-G smartphones in India after roll out of services: ZTE
"We are already one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of FD-LTE devices in the US and European countries. We have also readied TD-LTE devices and would launch the same after operators roll out their 4G services in the country," said Amit Saxena, director marketing, ZTE.

However, he refused to share details about the devices. When quizzed about the cost of the 4G devices, Amit said, "Initially the cost of 4G smartphones would be on the higher side but like in case of all other technology, price will subside with each passing day."

"Price of 4G dongles would start from about Rs 1000 while 4G smartphones and tablets are likely to be available in future starting from Rs 5,000," he further added.

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