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Use of cellphones during take-off won’t crash flights

Smarter communication devices those are available today do not cause any interference with the Aircraft's navigational equipment.

Cellphones do not cause any problem with aircrafts’ communication or navigation system, a top executive of Cell – a company that provides cell phone signal enhancement services, has said.

Comments of Howard Melamed, the chief executive officer of Cell Antenna, is in contrast to the long held belief that use of cell phones during take off or touch down of aircraft’s as mobiles can disturb aircraft’s navigational system.

Substantiating this, Melamed said that cellphones of yesteryears’ were known to cause issues with the navigation systems but newer mobile phones do not interfere with the systems anymore. Therefore users must be allowed to use cellphones during flights as long as the planes stay in the coverage zone.

“It’s ridiculous that Flight Attendants, who are not engineers, and have no knowledge of engineering make-up of planes, tell passengers to turn off their cell phone because it interferes with navigational equipment,” stated Howard Melamed,. “It frightens passengers and it is unnecessary.”

Most airlines worldwide have banned the use of cellphones during flights’ take off and when the aircraft was about to land. But over the years as the cellphones have improved, regulators have failed to update the policies and rulings that are in a way causing problems to air travelers.

Whether this will cause any change in the policies of regulators is yet to be seen but if the claims are right then allowing passengers to use cellphones will come as a big relief to air travelers.

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