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Taking care of Lithium ion smartphone batteries

Some simple steps can help you increase the life of your Lithium ion phone battery.

Most current computer and smartphone makers use Lithium-based batteries. While these batteries offer many benefits over conventional nickel and lead ones, they have a limited lifespan and the clock starts ticking the moment they leave the factory.

Among the worst things one can do to a Lithium ion battery is discharge it completely every time. Hundred per cent discharge puts too much strain on the battery. It is just like exercising the human body – some running is good for the body, but one should not try to run a marathon every day. If a Lithium ion battery is completely discharged on a daily basis, its life span will reduce.

Keeping the battery fully charged all the time is not good either as it results in capacity loss. Battery performance decreases gradually either due to usage or aging. The battery lasts longer if there is a shallow discharge, and manufacturers indicate that a battery can endure 80 per cent discharge. Li ion batteries should be kept cool for best results.

In simple terms:

The battery should be charged often and deep discharges should be avoided.

Users should keep the battery cool, if possible. The battery should not be frozen or left in a hot car, either.

Li ion batteries should not be bought by users for later use. Before purchasing Li ion batteries, their manufacturing date must be checked.

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