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Software to turn every phone into a cell-tower

Peep Wireless Technology says it can turn every mobile phone into a cell tower. People hooked up to this network of cell towers will be able to make calls, transfer data, and access the internet free of cost.

Peep Wireless Technology (PWT), a Delaware-based company, has revealed a software that turns a phone into a small cell tower (client/server viral transmitter/receiver).

The application will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES in Las Vegas later this week. It is called PeepApp and will initially be available only for the iPhone. Later it will be made for other mobile operating systems as well.

Phones with the app, which operate as cellphone towers, or “seed phones” as the company calls them, in turn identifies and connects every device with Bluetooth, WiFi or other spectrum points which has PeepApp (i.e.: game boxes, pads, cafes, cars, PC’s and internet TV’s etc.) and cause the Peep Mesh to grow and grow around the world in a peer-to-peer manner.

Peep Wireless claims that this new network will mean that the consumer would never need to pay a phone bill again and all his email, internet and media access would be free forever
For network operators PeepApp saves billions of dollars and years of build-out time, and doubles their capacity almost overnight. It creates instant, low-cost connectivity for even those places that femtocells and picocells cannot fill. ,

PeepApp is software based but the company will release a keyfob (key chain) item that is said to quadruple the range, scope and power of the PeepApp.

With the Peep technology, mobile devices connect instantly to one another over WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA or walkie talkie channels that PeepApp constantly scans. No cell tower, base station or internet server is needed.

Phone calls, media sharing, texts, movies, media and data sharing can be free between all mobile devices. All mobile units act as nodes. They transport data traffic between all the other such devices in clusters.

Any phone call moves from one device to the next in segments, sometimes in different duplicate segments with the fastest segment of the duplicates being used until the call reaches its destination.

This viral mesh network growth can instantly span a vast area with no external infrastructure required.

This unique, technology offers the ability to interact with any phone anywhere in the world free of cost. Phones with PeeApp can move across any carrier system, via a legal “backdoor” technology that Peep has engineered.

Peep devices make voice and data calls by scanning and using the entire free spectrum adjacent to paid spectrum used by service providers and the company claims that it only takes a handful of people using PeepApps to provide across an entire large city.

The release of this app to the consumer has not been announced and the company plans to license PeepApp to other parties who will in turn bring it to market.

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