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OnePlus 5T passes the torture test with flying colours

Series of test including the scratch, burn, teardown and bent tests,

OnePlus beliefs in the philosophy of Never Settle and the same can be said for its latest flagship, the OnePlus 5T as it has passed the YouTuber JerryRigEverything’s test. Jerry is popular for its torture test including the scratch, burn, teardown and bent tests, which he performs on the flagship smartphones.

Jerry has recently posted a video on its YouTube channel of OnePlus 5T torture test. The five-minute long video started with the display scratch test, where the smartphone achieved deep marks at level 7 on the Mohs scale out of level 10, due to its Gorilla Glass protection.

Further, for peeling the paint out from the back of the smartphone including the fingerprint sensor, the device was able to pass the scratch test. Moving forward, the metal frame of the OnePlus 5T help it surviving the bend test. However, the volume rockers and power button on the right were not up to expectation and were marked easily.

In burn test, the YouTuber torched the OnePlus 5T display using a lighter, under which the display survived for 20 seconds and end up with a white spot at the centre.

According to Jerry, OnePlus 5T is an incredibly full-featured and useful phone with a price point low enough to benefit customers, other than the lack of water resistance and the lack of wireless charging.

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Meanwhile, OnePlus is planning to phase out the OnePlus 5 smartphone in order to make the way for the latest flagship device. As both the smartphones come with same price tag of Rs 32,999 for the 6GB variant and Rs 37,999 for the 8GB RAM variant.

This piece of information comes from the General Manager of OnePlus India, Vikas Aggarwal. He said that the last batch of the OnePlus 3T was sold out during Diwali and now the product will be discontinued. Thus, the same is the case with the OnePlus 5, which is expected to sell out in some time, after which there will be one product in the market from the company, the OnePlus 5T.

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