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Now phones help moms in shopping

Greystripe, the research firm, studied more than 230 women who were using iPhone, iPod Touch or Android devices while making shopping decisions. The study also reported the women preferred free apps more.

The new age moms are turning to smartphones for help in shopping. Not that they are shopping from the phones itself, rather they are using the phones to find out where the stores are and also for comparing prices as well, says a research firm Greystripe.

In a press release, the research firm says that close to half of the moms are using these devices to locate stores and 36 per cent of them are comparing prices using the smartphones.

“Smartphones have become the super tool for moms on the go,” said Dane Holewinski, director of marketing with Greystripe. “The majority of moms with smartphones are using those devices for their day to day tasks especially shopping, making them the ideal target for advertisers.”

Greystripe studied the shopping behaviour of over 230 women who were using iPhone and iPod Touch devices or smartrphones for help in making their shopping decisions. The women participated in the survey through mobile banner ads placed by Greystripe and 66 per cent of them admitted they took the help of mobile phones while making their shopping decisions. The study also reported 57 per cent women used coupons to get discounts on their shopping every time.

The research also found women were more responsive to mobile advertising, and about 91 per cent respondents said they preferred free apps with advertisements.

Greystripe itself is a mobile ad network, so it does have an interest in the results of the survey.

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