New Symbian Belle update

By: Nilabh Jha, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:40 pm

N8 users are likely to be the first to get the Symbian Belle update, followed by X7, E6 and other models.
Nokia's new Symbian Belle update is ready. The handset manufacturer has set up a countdown timer on its Facebook page. The filename of the timer is "belle_fb_TeaserMain", which hints at the Belle update.

Symbian Belle is being launched soon after the recent Anna update, which brought much new functionality to Symbian 3 operating system.

We have already seen many leaked videos and screenshots of the Belle update, and know that the new UI will have many improvements such as the Android-style pull-down bar for notifications, a back-button based interface, a new virtual keyboard, and a new camera UI.

There will also be widgets of different sizes in a range of different positions, suggesting that this OS offers a lot more flexibility in customising home screens. Perhaps size will be based on usage.

N8 is likely to be the first to get the update followed by X7, E6 and others shortly thereafter.

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