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Indian telcos offer world’s cheapest data but not the fastest. Here’s proof

As per a report of Ookla, India is at 67th spot for fixed broadband and 109th for mobile internet speeds in February.

In India, for 1.5 GB data per day for 84 days, all you have to pay just about Rs 500 (sometimes even less). And if you want unlimited data for one hour, you just need to spend about Rs 20. Nowhere in the world (at least that we know), such cheap data is available. Thank Reliance Jio or the advancing technology or your luck, but data is cheap in India. However, when it comes to speed, we are one of the unlucky peoples.

There’s been much brouhaha but telcos still offer quite slow data. This has again been established in the report of Ookla, which offers network speed checking services. As per the report, India is at 67th spot for fixed broadband and 109th for mobile internet speeds in February.

“As of February, the Index ranks India 67th for fixed broadband speeds,” the firm, which owns Speedtest app, said in the report. Yes, the broadband speeds have improved from average speeds of 18.82 megabits per second (mbps) in November 2017 to 20.72 Mbps in February 2018 but globally, the average download speeds are as high as 42.71 Mbps.

“India’s rank in terms of mobile internet download speed remains same at 109th but average download speeds have risen to 9.01 Mbps in February from 8.80 Mbps in November last year,” the report said.

However, there is a silver lining. Ookla said that India “captured the second slot in terms of showing the most improvement in mobile data speeds”.

As per the February Speedtest Global Index, Norway has the best mobile internet speeds with an average download speed of 62.07 Mbps while Singapore takes the top spot for fixed broadband with a 161.53 Mbps average download.

India’s neighbour China ranked 26th with an average mobile broadband download speed of 33.96 Mbps, while Sri Lanka was at 82nd, Pakistan 92nd, Bangladesh 115th and Nepal 118th.

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