Huawei smartphones, networking equipment uses non-US components: Report

By: Rohan Pal, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : December 02, 2019 1:49 pm

Huawei says that it maintains a clear preference to continue to integrate and buy components from U.S. supply partners.

Huawei recently got its second 90 days extension from the US government after it was blacklisted earlier this year. However, it seems that Huawei has already tackled this problem by completely excluding components by the American companies from its smartphones and networking equipment. 


As per a report The Wall Street Journal, the latest flagship smartphone from Huawei, the Mate 30 Pro, does not contain any components from America. The publication cites a report from UBS and Fomalhaut Techno Solutions. For example, the Mate 30 Pro now comes with chips, which are made by Holland's NXP Semiconductors as replacements for those made by US firm Cirrus Logic. Similarly, the report also suggests that the company has stopped sourcing WiFi and Bluetooth chips from Broadcom and it now relies on its own chips. 


Huawei says that it maintains a clear preference to continue to integrate and buy components from U.S. supply partners. “If that proves impossible because of the decisions of the U.S. government, we will have no choice but to find alternative supply from non-U.S. sources," Huawei told the publication. 



Furthermore, the report also highlights that Huawei is now making networking equipment gear without U.S components and software. "All of our 5G is now America-free. We would like to continue using American components, It’s good for American industry. It’s good for Huawei. That has been taken out of our hands," John Suffolk, Huawei's top cybersecurity official told the publication. 


With this, the company is now heading towards American-free supply chain for its smartphones and network equipment. The company has started looking out for alternatives, though it still needs to deal with Google. This is because Google no longer licenses the Google Play services version of Android to Huawei. The latest smartphone from Huawei comes with an open-source version of Android with company’s own AppGallery store for downloading apps on the latest phone.

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