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High end Snapdragon processors to be renamed as platforms, Entry level chipsets as Qualcomm Mobile

Entry-level chipsets i.e. Snapdragon 200 series will be called as Qualcomm Mobiles

Qualcomm is probably the most renowned brand when we pinch smartphone processors. The American multinational caters different processors for smartphones lying in different price segments. In the latest development, Qualcomm has now decided that its future premium chipsets will be put under the name ‘Qualcomm Snapdragon Platforms’ instead of Processors which does make sense given there is a lot going on in and around the SoC (System-on-Chip) these days which is surely not justified under the term ‘Processor’.

Qualcomm said in a blog post – “For decades, the semiconductor industry has used the term “processor” to mean the component that powers the most advanced devices. It’s a word that Qualcomm Technologies has embraced over the years with our Snapdragon brand, or as we say — our Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. But the word is an inadequate representation of what the technology actually is, and the solutions that tens of thousands of Qualcomm Technologies innovators have worked on.”

Justifying this decision, Qualcomm claims that there is a lot more to a SoC apart from a CPU, GPU and DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Qualcomm processors these days boast the lastest Qualcomm Quick Charge, Qualcomm Aqstic audio DAC, Wi-Fi (802.11ac and 11ad), touch controllers, and fingerprint technology which kind of fades away if put under the umbrella ‘Processor’

The blog further reads – “In truth, Snapdragon is more than a single component, a piece of silicon, or what many would misinterpret as the CPU; it’s an anthology of technology, comprising hardware, software, and services that are not fully captured in a word like “processor.” That is why Qualcomm Technologies is refining our terminology by referring to Snapdragon as a “platform” instead of a processor.”

Further, Snapdragon’s entry-level chipsets i.e. Snapdragon 200 series will be known as Qualcomm Mobiles. Qualcomm claims that putting entry level and premium chipsets under different names will ensure clarity and will allow users to easily differentiate between the two. Going by this, we can expect the upcoming Snapdragon 835 to be named as Platform rather than a Processor.

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