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Google ‘Now On Tap’ brings more power on your fingertips

he enhanced feature would now let you translate text from any screen, discover more and search by image.

In its bid to enhance Android users experience and make it more enriching and interactive, Google keeps coming up with enhancements now and then. So, what new they have on offer. Enhancements in the Now on Tap features, which enable users translate text on any page, discover more about the things that interest them, and learn more about products by using QR codes and bar codes in Search by Image.
Google Now On Tap
All of these features were made available to Android Marshmallow users only yesterday. Here is how you can start using the,.

Translate text even in apps

You might have translated webpages on Chrome, but with Now on Tap’s new translate feature, you can translate text on any screen-even an app. For instance, if you’re using Google Maps and come across a location or a restaurant review in a foreign language, just long press the home button and continue reading. You’ll even be able to translate multiple languages at once.

Discover more interesting content

With the new discover mode you can learn more about things that interest you. For this, tap the ‘Discover’ icon and get a stream of visual content related to what’s on your screen – and explore.

Search by Image – Barcodes and QR codes

Only last month, Google told us that we can use Now on Tap to search via our camera app for objects like famous landmarks. And now, it has taken this feature to the next level and is allowing users to include barcodes and QR codes in their search. This mean, now you can simply point your camera at the barcode and get helpful cards related to that object, such as user reviews and more. Interesting!

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