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Firefox update stops Facebook tracking

Firefox's new update helps user use Facebook without being tracked by forming a container that takes care of you not being tracked.

The Firefox browser in its latest update has a feature that prevents Facebook from tracking users on the web. The addition of the function comes in the wake of increasing cyber-attacks the vulnerability of our personal data.

The Firefox 74 slams Facebook into solitary confinement with its Facebook Container add on. The add on is not new but has been refined in the latest update and has the ability to add custom sites to the container so that you can “login with Facebook wherever you need to”.

The container’s main motive is to allow the user to use Facebook freely on the internet without their activities being tracked by the social networking site. The extension achieves this by closing your Facebook Tabs, deleting your Facebook cookies and also logging you out of Facebook.

When a user visits Facebook and logs in, the cookies planted are isolated to the container only. The restricts Facebook Like button and embedded comments from working on other sites. Pages that ask you to login via Facebook are also contained with the container and does not leak on to other sites.

Sites are added by clicking a fence icon and selecting “Allow site in Facebook container.” The workings resemble two separate browsers out of which one is the container where Facebook has knowledge of your activities but is only limited to your time in the container and the other is the actual browser where there is no influence of Facebook tracking you.

The add on is a great feature for protecting your privacy and keeping those creepy ads away.

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